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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Um Tae Woong's wife suffers a miscarriage

Article: [Exclusive] Um Tae Woong's wife Yoon Hye Jin suffers a miscarriage... worry turns to reality

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+1,837, -56] Um Tae Woong, what're you going to do now? Being good to her for the rest of your life won't be enough anymore

2. [+1,769, -39] The worst situation possible. Um Tae Woong, you brought all of this upon yourself. You put your family in the media and you decided to do something unworthy of being a human being. This is all your fault.

3. [+1,616, -190] You are a murderer who killed your second baby

4. [+227, -2] I think they're going to divorce...

5. [+134, -7] I'd divorce if I were her

6. [+111, -2] All of you better not be going on her Instagram and leaving comments like "Unni, I feel so bad for you ㅠㅠㅠㅠ" Just stay quiet

7. [+108, -2] But if he had never gotten caught, he would've gone to those parlors for the rest of his life. How can someone be so two faced..

8. [+102, -4] Divorce is the only answer

9. [+92, -1] ㅠㅠ What could console her now.. I can't help but think the baby purposely left in consideration for his mother... but I can't even imagine how the mother must feel not being able to protect her own child from leaving.

10. [+90, -4] Ha.. what to do.. as a fellow woman, a fellow pregnant woman, it breaks my heart

11. [+86, -1] It breaks my heart to think of the baby but I can't help but think the baby purposely left so that his mother will have it easier ㅜㅜ..

12. [+77, -3] I feel bad for the wife but moreso for Jion. She's a kid who doesn't know anything but her entire life's been exposed to the media. She'll be raised her entire life with a sense of sympathy that she'll never understand. Then she'll grow older and slowly find out what happened with her father. Imagine the confusion, the shock. I trust that she'll grow up to be like her mother and overcome it all but the process will be really tough. Meanwhile the wife gave up her entire career for this marriage and now she's lost her second child... he's so pathetic.

13. [+77, -2] I reckon the next article will be about their divorce



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