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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Twice in the lead for year-end rookie awards

Article: "The variable is Twice"... a look at what to expect for the 2016 rookie awards

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+2,328, -256] If Twice is eligible for both the rookie award and bonsang, then they should be given them

2. [+2,097, -416] Huk, Twice is nominated for both the rookie and daesang???? Daebak

3. [+2,415, -544] Twice isn't just contending for the rookie award, they're also strong contenders for the daesang, no???

4. [+1,848, -360] If you factor everything from physical to digital sales in the market this month, shouldn't it go to Twice? I don't know if they'll win both the rookie and daesang though since award ceremonies have been known for sharing

5. [+1,614, -397] Can't wait to see Twice sweep up the awards this year~~

6. [+392, -60] Twice's digital achievements on Melon qualify them for the daesang in terms of how daebak they hit

7. [+351, -55] Twice is far above just the rookie award right now. Their digital achievements rank them for digital daesang... it won't be fair if they're excluded because they're rookies. Their song on Melon hit daebak to the point where they're deserving of a daesang. They even sold 150,000 copies of their physical album.

8. [+332, -49] Whether it's bonsang or a rookie award, Twice has done enough to deserve both of them

9. +337, -53] Give them both a rookie and bonsang, why make things complicated ㅋ

10. [+329, -51] The rookie award most obviously belongs to Twice. Add up all of their achievements and they're far above any rookie group right now.



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