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Friday, October 28, 2016

Rainbow marks the sixth disbandment this year with more on the verge

Article: Rainbow ends without a #1 trophy... lack of competitive viability vs the members are free for other pursuits without Rainbow's shadow

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+571, -12] I'd consider Rainbow a success since they got their name out there and had events to perform at. It's the idol groups where none of us know their names that are the real failures. Almost everyone has heard of Rainbow though.

2. [+523, -14] I'd say 7 years is pretty long for a girl group. In 3 years, the members will be hitting their thirties and I think they've dedicated enough of their years for this group before moving on now

3. [+497, -24] I do have to wonder how much it must've been hard on them to see newly-debuted rookies like Twice, AOA, and IOI win #1 right off the bat-- sad to think about

4. [+23, -3] It's rare to find a group like Rainbow that has lasted for as long as they have for how unpopular they're known to be. It's sad but Dal Shabet and Hello Venus are headed down the same path too. But who knows if any of them will hit a jackpot of opportunity like EXID...

5. [+20, -3] They've never had a hit track or a member with impact or any headlining qualities. Girl's Day used to be in the same boat but look how big Minah and Hyeri got...


Article: 6 teams disband this year alone... maintaining idols are harder than debuting them

Source: TV Report via Naver

Article mentions: KARA's disbandment in January, Jang Hyunseung's leave in April for B2ST, Minzy's leave in April for 2NE1, Jia's leave in April for miss A, 4minute's disbandment in June, Sunhwa's leave in September for SECRET, and Rainbow's disbandment in October.

1. [+6,062, -103] I feel that Dal Shabet and Nine Muses are next

2. [+4,814, -177] B2ST already left Cube but Cube refuses to acknowledge it...

3. [+4,924, -266] I think 7 years is a long time... especially in an industry where groups come and go without a word. SNSD, Big Bang, groups like them are truly amazing... can't really count the Wonder Girls because they've gone through so many member changes...;;;

4. [+2,422, -78] 7 years is enough... especially when Rainbow has lost competitive viability to all of the newer rookie girl groups. It's time about time the members find a different path for themselves.

5. [+673, -74] Really amazing of groups like Big Bang and SHINee to last this long without any member changes. And of course, there's Shinhwa which needs no words.

6. [+568, -44] I wouldn't count B2ST considering Jang Hyunseung was the only one with the celebrity disease in that group... B2ST as a group hasn't dispersed

7. [+416, -23] B2ST feels stronger without Jang Hyunseung anyway

8. [+466, -51] Glad that Big Bang, 2PM, SHINee, INFINITE, etc have managed to beat the 7 year jinx! Girl groups seem to disband more often than boy groups

9. [+326, -8] When I was younger, I never thought these groups would disband. I was naive enough to think that all of the members would have great relationships with one another but now that I'm older and have experienced more of the real world, I've realized that human relationships are very complex and not so easily simplified... You can't just take a bunch of strangers and stick them in a dorm together all day and expect them to get along all the time. It's amazing that some of the older idols have lasted for as long as they have.

10. [+280, -10] It's difficult to maintain idol groups for a long time because it's not all 5 members that are popular but usually 1 or 2 and they end up thinking they can do better without the other extras

11. [+201, -3] Yup, 7 years really is a long time and definitely enough of a time. They dedicated more than half of their twenties to this.

12. [+186, -2] I wouldn't be too sad about Rainbow. If news about your disbandment goes out and people say they're sad to see them go, that means enough people know about them already. There are so many other idol groups that have disappeared without a word to their name.

13. [+135, -4] 3 simple reasons why idol groups disband: 1. problems with contracts 2. discord with members 3. they couldn't survive the competition

14. [+144, -10] AOA dropped from trend status through Kinddokkang and Zico, SISTAR dropped from summer power status with their flop song this summer... A Pink's "thing" was their innocent concept but their new innocent concept flopped......

15. [+116, -3] I'm not sure if you should count disbandment and member leaves in the same boat



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