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Thursday, September 8, 2016

TV: 'Moon Lovers' continues to struggle, who is to blame?

Article: Is IU to blame for 'Moon Lovers' slump?

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+1,086, -91] Her facial expressions are always o.o;;;;;;; Please just stick to what you're good at. Why do something you're not good at and get all this hate....

2. [+1,024, -104] Jun Ki's trying to save it... but IU's ruining it...

3. [+936, -80] The article hit the nail on the head. As an Lee Jun Ki fan, this is so upsetting ㅠ_ㅠ........

4. [+163, -20] I want to ask a genuine question. Is IU a face really pretty enough for a lead role? I seriously don't understand how she got this role at all. IU has no dimension to her face, she doesn't seem like an actor. I can't focus on the drama because she sounds like a choding when she talks. Please stop acting. There are so many taller, prettier actors, why is IU a lead in such a big drama like this..

5. [+152, -22] It really is IU's fault. Yes, everything is to blame on IU being the female lead.

6. [+134, -13] With the drama getting a 15 billion won funding, you'd think they could've cast a real actress instead of an idol. IU's image isn't what it was in the past, and her acting skills aren't like Lee Byung Hun's where it can cover for his mistakes

7. [+118, -17] Lee Jun Ki and Kang Ha Neul's skills could rival 'Gurumi'. The plot and everything is great but IU, just why... her face just isn't meant for a female lead. I'd rather someone like Moon Geun Young, Shin Se Kyung, or Moon Chae Won take her role... an actress in her mid-late twenties. IU always has that same facial expression in all of the still cuts for 'Moon Lovers'. It reminds me of a baby orangutan...

8. [+87, -15] Yeah she's too ugly

9. [+78, -12] IU's amazing skills in turning all of the dramas she's a lead in into flops, and yet she still dares to say it's not her fault?

10. [+77, -13] I honestly can't focus because of IU either. I tried to watch for Lee Jun Ki but actually found out about Kang Ha Neul~!! He's so good!!

11. [+61, -10] This drama never stood a chance. Lost to Park Bogum and Kim Yoo Jung, and to IU and Baekhyun's acting.

12. [+60, -8] She's so greedy with acting. Just stick to singing. There are things that you can work hard on and improve but also things that will never improve no matter how much effort you put into. Her face has always been the type that you get sick of seeing if you look at it too much so it's perfect for a singer who promotes in short intervals at a time.

13. [+58, -9] Ah... never did I imagine that 'Moon Lovers' would be ruined this horribly...

14. [+56, -12] Yes, her fault...



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