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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Female star under investigation for prostitution

Article: TV star A under suspicion of prostitution

Source: Dispatch via Nate

1. [+2,556, -103] Reveal the name of female stars too, not only male

2. [+2,356, -121] So why don't female celebrities get their names revealed in sex scandals? Is this misandry?

3. [+683, -48] Jung Jun Young had his name listed while a female star just gets called 'A'. The journalist of this article is also female. Look at women who demand gender equality being unfair like this

4. [+184, -14] Kang Ye B

5. [+164, -5] Hyung, nunas, I will take the bullet for you. It's

6. [+133, -7] Kang X Bin, right? She denied it and came back out on TV but I guess it was true..?

7. [+112, -5] Even as a woman I find this aggravating, just use their names for both male and female celebrities ㅠㅠ

8. [+108, -7] I'm a woman too but this really is unfair... I'm not saying both male and female stars should have their names revealed but rather both should have the right to have their names protected until the very end of the case. It's so easy to ruin a career by revealing names before the verdict is out...

9. [+93, -10] Gender inequality... why isn't her name and face being revealed too?

10. [+91, -5] So she's known for her glamorous body on variety shows and is 33 years old. She was charged with prostitution for sleeping with a 43 year old stock investor for 10 million won.



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