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Friday, September 23, 2016

CL to start her North American tour next month

Article: CL to go on a 9 city nationwide tour in North America starting with New York in October

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+639, -89] I wish CL success in her American advancement~ ㅎㅎ

2. [+632, -96] She hasn't harmed any one of you and isn't even asking you to buy her tickets.. why be so negative about her? She's obviously going on a tour to promote her upcoming American advancement, give her your support. CL fighting!

3. [+552, -72] She's practically Korea's first singer to make an official debut under a major label in America, I wish her the best... She's talented enough for it but I hope she doesn't lose her roots and goes through with this until she hits her ultimate goal. Hopefully we'll get to see her on MTV or the Grammy Billboard Awards... fighting!!!

4. [+427, -57] She's slowly working at it... A tour will be good for her, she can promote herself and make some money too.

5. [+413, -72] Pretty cool to tour all over North America on a tour, CL fighting

6. [+64, -10] I don't really like CL either but I don't know why she's the only singer who gets hate for her American advancement. Haters don't add anything to her success or failure, just stop taking an interest. What did CL do that was so bad? Act poorly in a drama? Lip sync? Act up on a variety show? All she wants to do is pursue music by herself in America. You're not going to buy her music, you're not going to buy her tickets, so why all the hate? Hate on her when she actually does something deserving of it. For now, there's no reason to.

7. [+55, -7] America's music market is not the type where you can just go on a music show and get huge like in Korea. You have to go on tour to get your name out there. It's just the way promotions work over there so give some support to your fellow Korean.

8. [+56, -10] If CL was really nothing like you make her out to be, do you think Scooter Braun would be dumb enough to waste his time on taking a nugu Asian girl in and writing her songs to debut her and put her on TV shows and a tour? Before you hate on her, how about you look at your own favorite groups and think about whether they even have the skills to perform in a tiny a city in America.



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