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Friday, August 5, 2016

Woman in Lee Jin Wook's lawsuit denies ever taking back sexual assault charges

Article: Woman involved in Lee Jin Wook's lawsuit, "I never agreed that my charges against him were false'

Source: Herald Econ via Nate

Interview with The Fact, "I never took back my claims of being sexually assaulted. I never admitted to making false accusations against him. Since filing the lawsuit, I have never taken back the fact that our sexual intercourse was forced. That is how I testified to the police as well. The media is instead reporting as if I have nothing to prove that I was raped and that it'd be better for me to apologize and ask for a settlement. I don't know why but none of this is true. I'm not staying quiet because I want to but because I have no other method to. The lawyer I hired has left me and as an average working man, it's hard for me to find a way to reach the media. I also believed that investigations and the court would prove the truth. Investigators tried to persuade me to admit that my charges were false because everything was against me in favor and I could land in jail. They even told me what to confess. However, I never strayed from my initial stance, which is that our sexual intercourse was forced."

1. [+1,459, -371] You disgusting kkot-baem b*tch, stop running that dirty mouth of yours

2. [+1,300, -309] Can we get some new laws made for kkot-baems? They're making me want to throw up.

3. [+143, -30] Why isn't her identity being revealed? Let's start revealing identities for people who bring false charges.

4. [+74, -45] It does feel like something's not quite right with this case but I'm just your average salaryman, what would I know ㅠ.ㅠ

5. [+73, -41] If you stand by what you're saying, then take off that hat and mask

6. [+71, -38] To me it just seems like she's trying to make herself look better so that she can get out of jail and still land herself a rich guy to take care of her. Why would her lawyer have left her case midway anyway? And why isn't she appealing the decision if she's claiming what she claims?

7. [+70, -35] How about you think about why the lawyer you hired left you...

8. [+62, -35] Woman.... knock it off already

9. [+50, -45] This is my personal opinion but while I do think the woman is lying, I also do think that there's still a possibility that Lee Jin Wook might've forced things too far with her. So while she may have lied about other things, she may not have actually wanted the sexual intercourse. I think the lie detector test should be redone, especially if there's a chance that Lee Jin Wook is in the wrong too.

10. [+45, -1] Maybe she got a new lawyer and they're going for a different tactic now ㅋㅋ I hope Lee Jin Wook drags her through court without mercy

11. [+42, -31] What is up with the best replies? The case hasn't even been finalized yet but you all immediately believe Lee Jin Wook's reps and think it's all over. In order for the court to acknowledge that she was making false accusations, there needs to be proof like her bruises being faked but there's none of that yet. And the lie detector couldn't make a decision on Lee Jin Wook which means there's still a possibility that he was lying too. There's no concrete evidence out yet so who knows what either side can be saying right now to spin the story in their favor. I really do wish that investigations are redone for this case.

12. [+41, -23] You get what you deserve tsk tsk



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