Top 10 Korean dramas most loved by Americans

Article: Top 10 Korean dramas most loved by Americans... 'Secret Garden' #1

Source: Herald Pop via Naver

1. Secret Garden
2. Boys Over Flowers
3. You Who Came From the Stars
4. It's Okay It's Love
5. The Heirs
6. Playful Kiss
7. Full House
8. Kill Me Heal Me
9. You're Handsome
10. Coffee Prince


1. [+6,275, -110] I bet the majority were either Asian Americans or Asians studying abroad who participated in the votes...

2. [+4,519, -157] They're not American, you have to specify that they're second generation Koreans born in America. Americans don't watch dramas.

3. [+3,424, -72] I bet the votes were only by Koreans living in America ㅋㅋ

4. [+2,003, -99] Americans already have so many good dramas, why would they watch Korean ones...

5. [+306, -13] Believing that actual Americans watch Korean dramas is like believing that Koreans watch South East Asian dramas. Which means no one's watching it...

6. [+194, -6] I bet the votes were by gyopos or Asian Americans, the title is misleading tsk tsk

7. [+167, -6] I doubt even 10% of actual Americans know those drama titles. It's because of misleading titles like this that people actually think Hallyu is a thing outside of Korea ㅋㅋ

8. [+126, -5] I'm sure only Asian Americans watch it. Why would westerners watch Korean dramas when even I don't.