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Monday, August 15, 2016

Tiffany posts handwritten apology + viewers demand she be taken off of 'Slam Dunk'

Article: Tiffany writes handwritten apology over controversy "I'm deeply reflecting, I apologize for disappointing you"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+41,046, -2,533] Sorry, it's already over for you

2. [+33,708, -1,976] Okay, we get it, now go back to America

3. [+31,835, -1,986] It's too late, you Japanese idol

4. [+27,738, -1,651] Farewell~~~

5. [+25,988, -1,625] Just go away... I won't see you to your exit

6. [+12,900, -261] The thing that's worse about Tiffany is that fans informed her and told her to delete it when she put up the Japanese flag emoticon the day before liberation day. Then on the day of liberation, it's as if she gave everyone a big f*ck you and put up the confederate flag while showing off her luxury bag. She better not think of ever stepping foot inside the Korean industry again.

7. [+12,355, -316] She wrote an apology without even writing what she's apologizing about

8. [+11,607, -300] SM should reflect too, what are they even doing in Japan on the day of liberation tsk tsk

9. [+10,573, -160] Tiffany put up other posts yesterday saying she loves Tokyo and Japan and fans asked her not to write it saying it's national liberation day so she deleted it. Then she put up other pictures of the Japanese flag on the actual day of liberation before deleting it and then straight up put up Tokyo! with the confederate flag. How can you call those simple mistakes?

10. [+10,513, -283] Pretty obvious she wrote it just to get rid of the controversy

11. [+9,849, -203] Her apology has no explanation as to why she did what she did or what she did wrong, just a rushed apology to get it over with...

12. [+9,526, -193] You can't just call it a mistake, it has surpassed any form of logic... she's a Korean celebrity, how do you not know the meaning of national liberation day and crap all over your SNS like that? She's taking Koreans for fools

13. [+7,472, -151] Super short apology, I don't feel an ounce of sincerity from it

14. [+7,460, -202] She has to be joking ㅋㅋㅋ

15. [+6,703, -163] Of all the mistakes to make. Farewell.

16. [+6,309, -130] Oh we're not just disappointed in you Tiffany, you're way past that

17. [+5,863, -157] It's too late, go back to America

18. [+5,094, -75] Showing off your Louis Vuitton bag with the confederate flag on Korea's liberation day, how American of you

19. [+4,682, -74] She could've at least asked Sunny... Sunny got a ton of hate from the Japanese for putting up the Korean flag on Samiljeol. This is no time for you to be showing off your luxury bag on SNS.

20. [+4,417, -67] I've never read a celebrity apology that sounded so empty. Not 1% of sincerity comes from it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Source: Nate

1. [+3,021, -72] She never once mentions national liberation day in her apology;;; She must've written it for her Japanese fans. She calls this a "mistake";;; Fans informed her multiple times to delete her post with the Japanese flag emoticon and then she went right back and put up the confederate flag. That's a mistake? Oh sure....

2. [+2,932, -58] For how big of a head she has, she has no brain inside of it

3. [+2,597, -42] Surely she's insane???? On a day like today??

4. [+247, -5] Such a stingy apology. Never once does she mention national liberation day or the confederate flag. Is she scared of what the Japanese will think?

5. [+226, -6] This apology reads exactly like those chodings who are forced to write one in school so they just half a$$ it "I'm sorry~ I won't do it again! I'll be a good kid!" She didn't even write what she did wrong, probably because she's scared of the Japanese reading it too.


Article: The confederate flag on liberation day... viewers demand Tiffany be taken off of 'Unnies Slam Dunk'

Source: Sports Kyunghyang via Naver

1. [+23,081, -684] Of course she should be taken off the show. Fans who are shielding Tiffany better not argue that the show's viewer ratings are depend on her. Kim Sook and Ran Miran are the ones leading it.

2. [+20,822, -515] Not an SNSD fan but the confederate flag took things too far. GG to her.

3. [+16,452, -562] If the producers have any brains, they'll take her off the show

4. [+14,856, -504] Taking her off the show is the only solution

5. [+4,335, -92] I don't even get how this is something a human being can logically think is okay... to do that on our national liberation day, just wow.. makes swears come out of my mouth;;;;


Source: Nate

1. [+3,848, -83] You can claim all you want that she didn't know but fans told her it was national liberation day when she put up the Japanese flag emoticon so she took it down only to put up the confederate flag on the day of liberation. Too obvious.

2. [+3,504, -61] The confederate flag on liberation day.. ㅋㅋ Maybe she wanted to quit her career and did it on purpose?

3. [+3,119, -71] Of course she should be taken off the show

4. [+295, -9] Simply taking her off the show isn't enough, she needs to be kicked out of the Korean industry for good. From what I hear, fans informed her that it was liberation day and asked her to take her post down and then she went and posted the confederate flag right after. The fact that she did that must mean she takes us for fools.

5. [+253, -3] Fans told her to take it down on the 14th, then she put up the confederate flag on the 15th. You can't shield this, you shouldn't shield this. This American b*tch has nothing left in her career but to fall and shatter.


Article: Tiffany returns to Korea hiding her face with a mask

Source: Sports Today via Nate

1. [+3,998, -73] This f*cking b*tch was informed by her fans that it was liberation day and she puts up the confederate flag on the day of our holiday. Pretty much a big f*ck you to our country. Taking her off 'Slam Dunk' isn't enough, just kick her out of Korea. The biggest b*tch I've ever seen in my life.

2. [+3,020, -34] Just go back to America ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Korea isn't some joke to you, don't come back.

3. [+277, -0] Thanks to Tiffany-ssi, we're now the butt of jokes to the Japanese~ ㅋㅋㅋ makes me feel like sh*t. I love how she never mentioned liberation day in her apology either ㅎㅎ

4. [+235, -6] You want us netizens to get your entire SNSD to retire? This b*tch thinks she can get away with putting up the Japanese flag twice on liberation day? If you love Japan that much, you can go live there for the rest of your life.

5. [+225, -2] People, please stop joking around in the comments. This is a scandal big enough where she should be kicked out from Korea for good. This foreigner should not be getting away with a couple words of apology. If we let her reflect and come back, it's not only her but us who is putting down our own history and tarnishing the meaning of our liberation day. Please take this more seriously and stop joking about her. People sacrificed their lives for us today and she dares put up the confederate flag?


Article: Tiffany 'enters the airport amid controversy with a dark expression'

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+1,521, -11] Her apology ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it literally just read like some pre-written script that you can stick on any controversy

2. [+1,489, -14] She could be egged right now and still have no right to complain. Is this SM to blame or just a general lack of history knowledge with idols in general?

3. [+1,463, -24] There's a reason her nickname is Airheadfany. She really is an airhead. Being dumb isn't a crime but at least study if you don't knwo something.

4. [+112, -1] Just screw off back to your country. It disgusts me that she's even stepping foot on Korean land. This is not something that can be explained as a simple mistake.

5. [+82, -0] ㅠㅠ Shouldn't she be kicked out of the group?


Article: Tiffany's controversy 'on purpose vs a mistake'... fandom divided in two

Source: 10asia via Nate

1. [+1,963, -19] Fans even commented on her post saying it's liberation day and for her to go on the actual day of the holiday with the confederate flag just means she has rocks for brains. Stupid fans need to stop protecting her and realize that criticizing someone when they make a mistake is necessary and what makes you a true citizen of our country.

2. [+1,819, -17] She's worked in Korea for 10 years, how does it make sense that she "didn't know"?????

3. [+1,775, -17] There have been tons of celebrities get into controversies over the confederate flag, this is no mistake. She's simply just dumb; I had no idea she was this dumb of a person

4. [+87, -1] You fans... scandals like this continue to happen because you fans keep shielding them whenever they make mistakes. Do you think they'll ever realize what they did wrong when you're constantly protecting them? They probably think you fans are fools for letting them get away with everything. Wake up... unless you're going to shield them when they commit murder too.

5. [+83, -0] You can choose Snapchat filters. To put it simply, she chose that sticker herself. It's up to your judgment whether you think this controversy was on purpose or a mistake.


Article: Was Tiffany's apology just put out so she could get through the airport?

Source: MBN TV via Nate

1. [+2,866, -49] Even after fans informed her of the holiday, she didn't know because she's American? America was bombed by the Japanese too, you know? How do you not know what the confederate flag looks like? You've worked in Korea for 10 years, surely you know what the meaning of liberation day is? "Not knowing" doesn't make sense, all of this was done on purpose by her. She needs to be kicked out of Korea, this is a way bigger mistake than Yoo Seung Jun.

2. [+2,686, -44] I hope to never see you on TV again you airheaded b*tch

3. [+2,516, -30] She is embarrassing us internationally, just kick her out of the country and never let her back

4. [+206, -1] My grandfather was murdered by the Japanese empire, forcing my grandmother to raise four brothers all on her own and live an entire life of loneliness. I never want to see Tiffany on TV again.

5. [+196, -3] SNSD as a group has already had a controversy over the confederate flag so her claiming to not know is not going to work as an excuse. Just quietly leave.



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