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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sulli and Goo Hara's picture is lolita themed?

Article: #Sulli #GooHara #friendship... mysterious vibes

Source: MBN TV via Nate

1. [+1,278, -54] Is this necessary

2. [+1,153, -83] Are they both crazy? What's wrong with them? I had a positive impression of Goo Hara too...

3. [+963, -74] Am I the only one who doesn't get it? The picture doesn't look innocent at all

4. [+231, -9] Isn't this picture the epitome of lolita? I've completely had it with Sulli. I thought her school uniform pictorial was because Rotta wanted it but I heard that she's the one who contacted him and wanted to shoot it. Sulli-ya, wake up.

5. [+220, -12] Why take such lolita-esque pictures like this? The pictures always look submissive or sleepy with blushing cheeks and bedroom eyes... the models always look like they're ready to be dominated... this isn't innocent at all, sigh.

6. [+208, -7] Lolita is a crime

7. [+168, -16] What does the best reply mean "they had a good impression of Goo Hara", she's always been like this. She had pre-debut scandals getting caught sleeping at a pension with men when she was in junior/high school and pictures of her drinking and kissing on Cyworld. She also dated Junhyung and Lee Soo Hyuk, a nonstop string of boyfriends, since her debut ㅋㅋ

8. [+164, -15] Not like Goo Hara's normal. She went to a pension that had a bathroom with glass walls with her boyfriend when she was 17 years old

9. [+145, -7] Why do they keep bringing lolita to the mainstream media? What is Rotta thinking taking these pictures?

10. [+141, -6] I hope Johnsons sues them. How dare they use a baby product for an inappropriate concept like this?

11. [+122, -5] I honestly thought the picture was maliciously photoshopped but the source is actually Sulli's Instagram



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