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Saturday, August 20, 2016

NCT Dream unveils Jeno and Haechan

Article: NCT Dream unveils members Jeno and Haechan... 16 year old Koreans

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+1,930, -68] Wow, this is crazy, now the idols are younger than me... just 3-4 years ago, all the idols were oppas and unnis but mow they're all dongsaengs... where has time gone..

2. [+1,990, -166] Still not feeling SM's weird system..

3. [+1,160, -38] Wow, 16 year olds are debuting now... what does that make them, junior high school kids?

4. [+962, -27] I've noticed most idol debuts are in junior high

5. [+936, -109] Can't the new members just be put on 'Produce 101'?

6. [+126, -7] Jeno's really handsome. Still not sure what's going on with this system and whether this is a debut or a comeback... and you never know whether your bias will be put in the next NCT group. The system makes it hard to be a full time fan.

7. [+126, -11] Still makes the group seem so unofficial. I wish they'd just pick a few fixed members and promote them no matter how scared they are of a few members running away to China.

8. [+72, -2] These kids are joining the work force so early



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