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Friday, July 22, 2016

'Train to Busan' director defends Sohee's acting controversy

Article: 'Train to Busan' director, "Sohee's acting controversy? Her Wonder Girls image is to blame"

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+1,163, -186] Ah... Ajusshi... what're you talking about. Her acting was no different from Dongho's infamous "I'm sorry, please save me" acting.

2. [+994, -194] I can sense her bad acting from the pictures alone, why blame it on her image? ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+887, -103] Her Wonder Girls has nothing to do with it, she's just bad at acting director-nim

4. [+100, -16] She left the group such a long time ago, why blame her WG image now...

5. [+93, -19] Does this man take us for fools...

6. [+76, -21] Well obviously the director isn't going to admit that she was bad in his interview even though if we're being honest her acting was unbearable to watch

7. [+61, -14] I found her acting pretty bad. I saw it in theaters with one other person and when her scene came out, we both looked at each other... and I'm sure you can tell why. We both wondered why they bothered casting her.

8. [+56, -53] So many people were hating on her so I went into the movie without an~y expectations, actually with a bias if anything, and I didn't find her acting to be deserving of hate, really.. Nothing made me uncomfortable. She performed up to par... I think people are just overly harsh.

9. [+47, -44] I saw the movie and she wasn't as awkward as the comments make her out to be. She was actually better than I thought in the last scene ㅋㅋ of course her acting isn't super good or anything but I think people saying she's a bad actor makes her seem even moreso

10. [+38, -12] Of all the rookie actresses they could've cast, it was Sohee... What a waste of my eyeballs to have watched that. She's disgustingly bad at acting...

11. [+31, -16] I couldn't help but cringe during her scenes...

12. [+30, -7] Sohee's agency is Key East, they're famous for their media play if you haven't noticed with Park Soo Jin yet. They obviously paid for her casting so why are we even expecting acting skills from her?

13. [+28, -8] Did the people saying her acting was okay actually even see the movie???? It was pretty damn bad

14. [+27, -6] I heard so many negative reviews about her acting that I went in with low expectations, probably why I didn't think it was that bad... definitely not Dongho level ㅋ although that scene where she picked up the phone was a bit bad

15. [+26, -11] Her tonality ㅡㅡ Gong Yoo's daughter Soo Ahn was a way better actor than her



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