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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Nana takes the baton from Hyeri for idols turned 'good' actors

Article: First Hyeri and now Nana... "breaking the idol acting bias"

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+7,614, -296] Nana so unexpectedly broke the bias that she'd be bad at acting. She really must've practiced hard.

2. [+6,253, -311] I was surprised by Nana as well.. she has potential for more growth too.

3. [+8,730, -1,181] I think Hyeri's bubble is going to pop because her fame was more buffed by 'Reply 1988' than anything. Her acting in her new drama wasn't all that great.

4. [+4,617, -208] She landed a character that matches her visuals and voice so she pulls it off well. More than anything, you can tell that she practiced hard so as to not interfere with her co-stars.

5. [+1,694, -67] I do honestly think you have to be born with a knack for these sort of things... Look at Lee Yeon Hee, she's been 'acting' for 10 years already...

6. [+924, -74] Nana was great. I've been watching 'The Good Wife' since episode 2 and she just seemed like a legitimate rookie actor. Her pronunciation was on point, facial expressions, line delivery... I think she'd actually put some actresses to shame. She can definitely stack up on experience like this and just switch to acting full time.

7. [+821, -56] Yeah Nana, work your way up from small roles like this ㅋ

8. [+956, -103] Nana-ya, just because you're getting positive reactions now doesn't mean they won't turn to hate if you try for a lead role next time

9. [+660, -44] She matches the character perfectly. In the original American version, the character's a very sexy but cynical type.



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