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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lee Min Jung hangs out in New York with Lee Byung Hun

Article: Lee Min Jung's innocent beauty brightens up the streets of NY 'America with Lee Byung Hun'

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+577, -76] Ever since that scandal, I feel like Lee Min Jung has been managing her looks that much harder. She has no fat on her face, I actually feel bad for her.

2. [+548, -125] Just looks like the pitiful face of a woman who married the wrong man

3. [+119, -12] I feel bad for this ajumma... all of you need to pick the right boyfriend or husband for yourself. Prioritize his character over looks, specs, or money making ability. You only have one moment to make a choice but that will determine the rest of your life.

4. [+54, -12] She's a 36 year old ajumma who can't act for crap

5. [+34, -5] I was wondering what made her look so off and it looks like she's losing hair...

6. [+33, -3] I just feel bad for her...

7. [+32, -5] She doesn't look comfortable with herself... spend some more time with your kid....

8. [+30, -3] They're just a show window couple ㅋㅋㅋ Lee Min Jung gets to spend Lee Byung Hun's money for the rest of her life while Lee Byung Hun can keep her propped up in their window as his 'wife'

9. [+26, -0] Not jealous of her life

10. [+25, -2] Before she got married, she had a lot more weight on her and I always thought it made her look big in clothes and kind of like an ajumma... but ever since Lee Byung Hun had an affair, she dropped all the weight off and seems to be managing herself so strictly. I'm sure her pride was hurt... knowing that your husband was off with a younger, pretty girl. What an exhausting life.

11. [+21, -1] The only way to deal with men like Lee Byung Hun is not how Lee Min Jung is doing it ㅋㅋㅋ you're not supposed to lose weight or change yourself to whatever he wants, it'll only make him more sick of you. Just ignore him and cultivate your own crazy style and live like he is and then he'll start wondering what's wrong with her and start getting possessive again. The thing about men like Lee Byung Hun is that while they enjoy their freedom, they don't like it when their own woman tries the same thing.

12. [+20, -6] So who's watching her kid all the time? I guess the kid has no problem being away from her a lot~~ quite jealous of that



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