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Friday, July 1, 2016

miss A reflects on their 6th anniversary

Article: "Our 6th anniversary since debut" ... miss A's touching letters

Source: Dispatch via Naver

1. [+6,557, -84] I loved them so much during 'Bad Girl Good Girl', even up until 'Hush'... how unfortunate, this group ㅠ good luck to them all

2. [+6,436, -105] It's so hard for groups to earn the kind of attention that they did with their debut song alone. 'Bad Girl Good Girl' was huge...

3. [+2,920, -89] Always supporting you, miss A~!

4. [+3,073, -363] Pretty Suzy~~~ her singing has improved so much compared to her debut, she really has been working at it. She deserves all of the love she's getting.

5. [+2,215, -82] Congrats on your 6th anniversary~♥

6. [+414, -14] I've liked all of their songs but 'Bad Girl Good Girl' was the most legendary for me

7. [+467, -42] All of their songs were so good and their debut track was their best ever... it's a shame that only one member ended up doing better. It's weird because it's not like they have a bad relationship either... because it seems like Suzy wants to keep singing too.

8. [+472, -49] The reason Suzy is so strong right now is because even though she's acting more than she is singing now, she still hasn't left miss A behind. There are so many idols who go into acting and get huge and then leave their idol group behind to focus on acting but they usually end up failing with that route.

9. [+357, -19] JYP really does seem to end things well with their artists seeing as how Jia has no problem posting stuff like this. Even god is still close with Park Jin Young ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+312, -14] Good to see Jia posting too. I've loved all of miss A's songs and hope to hear more from them!



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