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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

[Instiz] Zico's tattoo of his mother made the butt of sexual harrassment jokes?

Instiz: Zico sexually harassed on broadcast

Kim Sook: Zico has a tattoo of his mother on his body.
Park Narae: Tattoos hold different meanings depending on where on the body you get it. What does Zico's mean?
Taewoon (Zico's brother): He got it on his left chest where his heart is because his mother is as important as his heart.
Kim Sook: So a tattoo of his mother is on his chest. That's really meaningful and all but imagine when you marry him and you're (doing it at night) and your mother-in-law is staring at you...
Park Narae: And we all know the scariest person to any woman is her mother-in-law.
Kim Sook: I'd put a towel over his chest~
Kangnam: That's pretty weird too though
Taewoon: Well.... I don't think he thought that far.
Park Sohyun: No, there's always another option. Zico-ssi can just not get married~


"And who do they think they are to be imagining Zico sleeping with his future wife like that?"

"? Why ask that to his hyung?"

"Definitely overstepped some boundaries"

"I think Taewoon handled it well. The entire situation is awkward and off putting but he didn't get wrapped up in it all and just left it at 'I don't think he thought that far', which is basically a nicer way of saying the tattoo is important for him so don't stretch the meaning of it unnecessarily. Talking about someone's family like that is extremely sensitive on TV."

"They took it too far..."

"Isn't what they said really disrespectful towards Zico's mother too? I liked these two gagwomen too but bye~"

"I don't think this is anything for them to be worrying about..."

"Why would they ask about his tattoo to his brother anyway..."

"That definitely makes me uncomfortable. Took it too far for a laugh."

"If this isn't sexual harassment, then I don't know what is."

"Am I the only one who doesn't find it uncomfortable? I think it's a thought that anyone else could have..."
- I agree, I immediately wondered what I would do if my boyfriend had a tattoo like that on his chest..
- Yeah I don't know if this is sexual harassment..
- It does sound like sexual harassment to me but I also do think it's a thought that anyone could have ㅎㅎ
- Well change the sexes around.. ㅠㅠ Imagine talking about a female idol who has a tattoo on her chest and a bunch of male celebrities imagining sleeping with her over it. I think it's really unnecessary..

"What happens between him and his future wife is none of their concern"

"I think they took the joke too far but it doesn't reach sexual harrassment territory for me..."



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