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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hyuna confirms summer comeback for August 1st

Article: Hyuna confirms comeback for August 1st... "Summer target album"

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

1 [+169, -18] Hyuna-ya, if you come out with another song like 'Bubble Pop', you'll be hitting your second peak so fighting!

2. [+132, -16] It'll be another daebak if it's as good as 'Bubble Pop'...

3. [+46, -6] Unlike Suzy and IU who have innocent concepts but still got into scandals with boyfriends and all, Hyuna has never had a scandal and has maintained a clean image. Just because her image is sexy doesn't mean she necessarily lives that way. Fighting!!

4. [+13, -2] I still think 'Change' was the jjang for her. She was so sexy and powerful.

5. [+11, -1] She may lack vocal talent... but there's no one who can live up to her in terms of stage command. She just needs a good song.


Source: Naver

1. [+1,492, -187] I can't wait. Honestly, her vocal talent isn't good but... I'd rate her at the top when it comes to stage command.

2. [+1,145, -114] Even if she can't sing, she's an idol who has made a career off of her visuals and star potential

3. [+705, -44] I guess it'll be a sexy concept then

4. [+600, -45] If it's a summer album, then the concept is pretty obvious... but I hope it's something good

5. [+133, -10] I wonder why she doesn't do something like 'Bubble Pop' again... it was the best

6. [+83, -6] I personally had hoped that she would transfer to an agency that would help her grow as a singer instead of so much focus on her image as a star but she chose what she did and I support it. It's rare to find a performance oriented female singer like Hyuna who can fill the stage as completely as she does while firing up the audience. She was born to be a star, that's for sure.

7. [+53, -3] I personally hope it isn't too crazy sexy...

8. [+69, -10] It wouldn't be a summer without SISTAR and Hyuna



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