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Monday, July 11, 2016

Hyorin saves a baby kitten amidst busy schedule

Article: "I will save this cat" Hyorin's rescue of a lost cat

Source: Dispatch via Naver

Baek Ji Young's manager found a lost kitten who couldn't move and took it to the vet. The kitten had a broken leg and another leg with dead nerves. Hyorin found out about the kitten and called the manager at 11 pm and came immediately to the hospital. She agreed to surgery and offered to care for it even though she had an early morning international schedule the next day. She spent the entire night tending to the cat.


1. [+2,479, -44] I always knew that she loved animals but reading this article has made me her fan

2. [+1,557, -25] She's so cool~ and such a good singer! I support you

3. [+1,427, -20] Hyorin's heart is as kind as she is talented ㅜㅜ she must be so tired but please take care of your health~~!

4. [+1,039, -18] Hyorin ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

5. [+200, -4] I read another news where someone, for no reason, kicked a pregnant street cat. Hyorin deserves praise for this.

6. [+185, -3] She must really love animals... it's easy to talk about caring for an animal but few people actually realize how difficult it is to care for a sick animal in actuality.

7. [+169, -2] Thanks to Baek Ji Young's manager for also picking up the cat instead of ignoring it. Hyorin has always been known as an animal lover and at the forefront of animal issues. It's because of people like them that the world is still worth living.

8. [+148, -2] I deeply respect Hyorin's love for animals



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