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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

EXID concludes 'LIE' promos

Article: EXID concludes "LIE" promotions, comeback again in the second half of the year

Source: E-Daily via Nate

1. [+416, -33] I like how Hani mentions Junghwa a lot... I wish Junghwa would get more known too

2. [+370, -41] "You never shoudl've been born!!" I love that part ㅋㅋ

3. [+303, -37] I liked the new style they tried with "LIE", it's not like they can stick to a style like 'Up & Down' forever. It's good that they're trying new things.

4. [+342, -52] Their song was good and their album overall was high quality but it didn't do as well as it could because their agency was foolish

5. [+245, -30] Can't wait, will be waiting for more!

6. [+163, -29] I liked that they stepped away from the hook song style. If only their agency wasn't stupid (what was up with the noon release? Keep it to the midnight release next time) but I'm glad that they've managed to win #1 on the charts and music shows with every comeback now.

7. [+176, -37] Am I the only one who liked "LIE"... I think LE has a lot of skill in composing music.

8. [+125, -20] I liked "LIE" the best out of EXID's songs so far. I like that it goes froma  ballad feel to a dance track in the chorus and all five were gorgeous!

9. [+121, -22] It's hard to come out with a new style after a mega hit like 'Up & Down' but I'm satisfied with what they've managed to come out with so far and can't wait for their next release.



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