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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dok2 reveals how he bought a car coveted by Kang Dong Won and Jang Dong Gun for 3 years

Article: 'Radio Star' Dok2, "I bought a car that Jang Dong Gun and Kang Dong Won had to wait 3 years for"

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+5,619, -113] The reason is because if Jang Dong Gun gets the car, he doesn't promote it or anything so the car company will prioritize Dok2 since Dok2 starts promoting it on Instagram right away.

2. [+3,468, -100] But how does he make so much money? I really don't know much about him... either way, quite amazing.

3. [+2,332, -63] They said it's because Dok2 will go around bragging about the car everywhere and he can advertise it better so they let him buy it first

4. [+1,016, -77] Turn~~~~~ up!!!

5. [+536, -18] Of course they'd sell it to him first when he brags about it for free all over Instagram

6. [+558, -31] I doubt Kang Dong Won waited because he didn't have the funds to buy it right away

7. [+396, -23] Dok2 isn't the type to drink or smoke or go out for crazy entertainment. He's not a big spender in general. He produces a ton of songs and makes a ton in royalties on top of his concert income. The only spending he does is on 'swag' type stuff. I bet other popular producers like Zion T or Gray make a lot too.

8. [+347, -20] I'm pretty sure Dok2 makes more from his concerts and clothing business than his digital music. And Ferrari prioritized him for the car because he brags about it all over SNS and they get a free advertising deal out of it.

9. [+305, -30] I think all of the hate on Dok2 is unwarranted. He worked hard for all that he's achieved and treats his parents well.

10. [+302, -30] I assumed Dok2 would be the type to hang out at clubs a lot but he actually doesn't go unless it's for work and doesn't smoke or drink either. Seems like a hard working person, and it's because he works hard and saves that he can drop a ton of money on tryhard stuff like this. I'd want to show off if I made that much money too.



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