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Friday, July 22, 2016

Dance variety 'Hit the Stage' holds press conference

Article: 'Hit the Stage' who do the 8 think will win? Hyoyeon and Taemin

Source: X Sports news via Naver

1. [+1,182, -129] Can't wait for both Hyoyeon and Taemin

2. [+868, -84] Hyoyeon and Taemin are both good indeed but I think everyone else will be good too

3. [+779, -81] I agree with the Hyoyeon and Taemin picks but everyone is a winning contender though!

4. [+527, -37] Fighting to everyone

5. [+213, -12] Winner's going to be either Hyoyeon, Taemin, or Hoya. I was surprised with Taemin's 'Drip Drop'

6. [+252, -31] I went to the live recording and Taemin and Hoya were amazing, definitely look forward to them

7. [+199, -25] I'd go with Taemin. There are a lot of good dancers but Taemin has a different expression for every stage that's unique to his style. He was born with the ability to express things with his body and facial expressions.

8. [+164, -17] I always thought SM had a similar modern dance style so I never cared for their artists but I saw Taemin's 'Drip Drop' solo stage and totally fell in love. He was even singing live while dancing in a way that I've never seen before. Can't imagine how much more amazing a complete dance stage where he doesn't have to sing live will be!

9. [+123, -9] I wonder what career Taemin would've chosen if not an idol. He seems like he was just born to be an idol.

10. [+44, -6] Some people are obsessing over the fact that there are 3 SM idols on the show but SM has always had some of the best idol dancers. Don't hate just because there are 3 from SM. Wait until after their performances to judge.



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