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Friday, July 29, 2016

Cosmic Girls unveil 13 member comeback with Yoo Yeon Jung

Article: Cosmic Girls unveils 13 member comeback with Yoo Yeon Jung... August comeback

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+1,491, -69] Couldn't they have waited until IOI was done with promos... not sure why companies feel the need to put out so many groups while IOI is still going. Look at all the groups flopping because of that...

2. [+962, -24] So many members ㅋㅋ

3. [+909, -34] I'm sure Yoo Yeon Jung is regretting it on the inside since a member probably barely gets a 5 second part to sing. The Chinese members can at least go back to China and work on their careers then but it's even harder for the Korean members. And groups need one or two charming members for the spotlight but there are 13, that's just too many to pick from...

4. [+614, -44] That Sung Sora kid is pretty but I don't know the rest of their names. Their agency is going to need to focus on getting their names out to get anywhere.

5. [+523, -100] Don't care...

6. [+151, -3] It's so obvious what they're doing. Eliminated Yoo Yeon Jung from the debut but now that she's more popular than them after the show, they stick her back in;;; on top of that, their comeback overlaps with IOI's unit... how hopeless.

7. [+103, -8] Way too many members... it's not like they're under SM who can plan these things out. More than anything, the members look too similar to each other... nothing individual about them.

8. [+97, -10] Even Super Junior struggled to get to where they are now and that was after cutting down members, and even then, 1-2 members are still lacking the fame that the rest have. But a girl group with 13 members trying that???? They won't even survive, let alone have anyone remember what their names are.

9. [+79, -5] I just feel bad for the kids... they worked so hard to become singers but their dreams are in complete control of greedy adults. Who would want to debut while getting all this hate?

10. [+57, -0] Gugudan and DIA didn't even overlap promos with IOI but still got a ton of hate. Cosmic Girls overlapping with IOI's unit... it's going to be hard for Yoo Yeon Jung.



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