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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Black Pink inches closer to debut after completing 3 MV filmings

Article: [Exclusive] YG's Black Pink finishes MV filmings for 3 new songs 'comeback impending'

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2,979, -98] Can YG please debut them normally like other agencies do. Please don't do weird experimental crap like they tried with Winner and iKON.

2. [+2,050, -49] So are they debuting within the year or what?

3. [+1,824, -43] I remember YG saying Psy's album was finished and they even shot a MV with Jung Woo Sung in it and that his comeback was impending. Then the album was scrapped and it took two more years for that comeback. YG, please keep it to yourself until it's actually time for release. I refuse to believe anything that they say.

4. [+1,312, -44] Not believing it till a teaser's out...

5. [+305, -17] Media playing this hard with a rookie group will only turn people off from them tsk tsk. Yang Hyun Suk is clueless.

6. [+255, -1] I genuinely think Yang Hyun Suk doesn't know how to properly grow a rookie group and help them get popular. Please watch what SM and JYP is doing and wake up. Put them on some TV shows.

7. [+276, -14] The mysterious concept is so played out and tacky, stop dragging their debut.

8. [+188, -2] Are they going to let the MV ferment now before they release it? It's been months since we've been gettin articles about their debut and no debut yet..



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