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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why is 'Boy 24' not as big of a hit as 'Produce 101'?

Article: What does [Produce 101] have that [Boy 24] doesn't?

Source: ize via Naver

1. [+1,838, -40] 'Vote for your girl'... in 'Produce 101', there were a lot of 'girls' to choose from, but in 'Boy 24', there are no 'boys'... there are some with mustaches and all, can't really call them 'boys' when they look so old. A lot of them look like they're in their manhoods than teens..

2. [+1,305, -25] It's just boring, I don't know why they bothered spending so much money on producing this

3. [+866, -22] I thoroughly enjoyed 'Produce 101' and looked forward to 'Boy 24' but it's worse than I thought...

4. [+814, -22] I don't see any hope of light for this show

5. [+285, -17] The problem is that the trainees are ugly and have no charms so female viewers aren't interested. Girls will like ugly girl group members but they won't bother with ugly boy group members. Who would like them when they're uglier than the boy groups already out?

6. [+213, -7] Just too ugly

7. [+167, -5] Maybe the show is named 'Boy 24' because the average age of the trainees is 24

8. [+172, -8] No charms, no fun, no talent... just boring overall

9. [+137, -4] They're all ugly

10. [+115, -9] We told you that nobody was going to watch this show ㅋㅋㅋ why would anyone bother



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