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Monday, June 13, 2016

What led to 4minute's disbandment?

Article: Why did 4minute choose to disband?

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+3,367, -169] They were such a unique girl group, it's a shame that they're disbanding. They had a strong color and didn't follow trends. I used to think all of the members looked ugly at first but now they're all individually charming in my eyes. See you all in the future~

2. [+3,329, -263] It reflects really poorly on Cube because it's obvious they're only keeping the member that's worth money to them. 4minute as a group has won #1 many times and has decent public recognition... If anyone's to blame, it's Cube themselves for not getting the other members popular aside from just Hyuna.

3. [+2,910, -239] I'm not a huge fan but they've had such a consistent string of hits, rare for any other group to have such a long list...

4. [+1,363, -74] You've worked hard, 4minute. I loved their style of songs so hope to see them in the future~

5. [+1,164, -56] I remember reading in another article a few days ago that 4minute didn't have any scandals and they were going to last a long time, but you never know, as it proves...

6. [+379, -18] They suddenly stopped picking good title tracks, which weakened their competitive viability. And honestly, when people think of 4minute, they only think of Hyuna. I reckon miss A and SECRET will follow suit with disbandment. SECRET's been picking bad sons too and Hyosung's the only popular member. miss A needs no further explanation, especially with Twice gaining strong foothold now. miss A is effectively over.

7. [+392, -40] I'm sick of people blaming Hyuna for the disbandment. The other members had plenty of opportunities with unit albums and varieties and drama appearances but they never did well. Is it Hyuna's fault that she's popular? At least the group has even come this far thanks to her so why blame her at all?

8. [+206, -12] Cube definitely can't let Hyuna go ㅋ but it really is sad to see all of the second generation girl groups go like this. Only SNSD is left.. ㅋ

9. [+187, -7] They used to get so much hate as the replica 2NE1 when they first debuted but they found their own color and came out with a lot of memorable albums. Sad to see them go.

10. [+171, -6] The reason for their disbandment's pretty clear. They were never that hugely popular in Korea, at least not enough to pull in an audience for concerts. Their digital or album sales weren't that great and none of the members individually can make it on their own. Cube obviously saw them as a minus in the bigger picture and kept Hyuna for her worth as a product. You can't deny that Cube is not doing that hot these days.



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