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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Top female brains in entertainment

Article: Mensa, Harvard, Law School... the top 1% of Korea's 'sexy female brains'

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

Girl's Day Sojin: engineering major at Youngnam University
Singer Lee So Eun: graduated with an English degree from Korea University in 2007 and Northwestern law school, currently deputy director of the ICC
Actress Yoon Sohee: KAIST graduate
Actress Ha Yeon Joo: IQ 156 Mensa member
Anchorwoman Shin Ah Young: History major graduate from Harvard University, interned at the Royal Bank of Scotland


1. [+4,256, -358] I wouldn't consider anyone who got into Youngnam University's mechanical engineering major as super smart or anything, or maybe it's relative?

2. [+3,199, -294] Not that I'm putting Youngnam University down but... it's not like Sojin got into Seoul or KAIST or Pohang, how is getting into Youngnam something to be called smart over? Most of the top 1% in my school got into Seoul University... I really do wonder if Sojin was the top 1% of her own school.

3. [+3,041, -294] Sojin feels so forced in this list;;;; Getting into Youngnam's engineering major is nothing to brag about

4. [+1,628, -96] But does education really matter for celebrities? As long as you have talent in your field... I'd rather prefer someone who doesn't have a good education but is good at acting, singing, or producing music than the opposite.

5. [+267, -12] Stars like Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung Soo aren't popular because of their educational background. One dropped out of college, the other never even went... to celebrities, education is not that important, it's your actual skills in your field that are.

6. [+320, -38] To singers or actors, your IQ or education does not matter but your music and acting skills

7. [+272, -24] So what if they all studied super hard, the one who's making the most money right now is Suzy who barely studied in school

8. [+135, -13] Only in Korea would you ever see an article about the education backgrounds of celebrities.... of course this country is obsessed with education

9. [+84, -4] Well when you're in an industry full of kids who don't even know who Ahn Joong Geun is, I guess you can call these people super smart

10. [+80, -12] Why does Ha Yeon Joo get to be on this list just for having an IQ over 150? Aren't there a ton of people with IQs over 150? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+41, -0] Jo Yong Pil never went to college and Seo Taiji only graduated junior high. Your education does not matter in the arts.



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