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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Picture diary of Hyorin's volunteer work at animal shelters

Article: [Starcast] "Kitty, how is heaven?" Hyorin's letter to the cat

Source: Naver via Naver [more pictures in source]

1. [+2,634, -30] Hyorin genuinely seems to love animals. It's amazing the more I see it.

2. [+2,338, -51] I agree so much with the saying that I'm afraid to adopt an animal because I'm scared of having to part with it eventually... I felt so empty after sending my dog of 15 years to heaven. I wanted to raise another one but thinking about having to part with it makes me unable to ㅠㅠ

3. [+1,432, -23] I wish no cats in the world would hurt

4. [+1,333, -28] She's so nice... she looks even nicer without make up

5. [+1,185, -13] So sad ㅠㅠ making me tear up ㅠ

6. [+947, -16] Hyorin has the heart of an angel

7. [+907, -17] I live with 4 cats, all born on the streets... I want them to live for a long, long time without getting sick. I'm sure Hyorin's cat is in a better place now...

8. [+744, -13] Couldn't scroll all the way down because my heart hurt over them so much but thank you for your work~

9. [+682, -8] How heartbreaking... you'll be rewarded for your work, Hyorin-ssi.

10. [+616, -10] Good to see her treating these animals so preciously ㅜㅜ more luck to SISTAR and Hyorin!



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