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Sunday, June 12, 2016

[Pann] Oh My Girl Yooa's visuals

Pann: Is she really not considered pretty in the eyes of men?

1. [+138, -25] She's unique in a way that doesn't look pretty

2. [+106, -23] I'm a girl and I think she's pretty but she's not my type... something about her looks scary...

3. [+93, -11] She's not not pretty but she's not my type

4. [+56, -4] I'm a girl and I don't like her looks. She's the type of face that you either hate or love.

5. [+52, -9] Her face looks imbalanced like it was pressed under something heavy

6. [+40, -8] She's pretty but I don't like her looks. I think most people will know what I mean.

7. [+39, -1] She looks like an alien, a pretty alien?

8. [+35, -7] She's average, I wouldn't call her pretty

9. [+27, -9] Hul, I'm a girl. People really don't find her pretty...? Wouldn't she be considered pretty in real life... She looks like a doll to me.

10. [+25, -6] I really thought she looked like a doll

11. [+21, -2] I prefer looks like this

12. [+21, -5] Yeah, not feeling it

13. [+16, -2] Her face is flat and round and her neck is long so everything looks unnatural



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