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Monday, June 20, 2016

[Instiz] Blind item on the makings of a two faced industry

Instiz: Recent blind item

2016, the current state of celebrities and the industry

Actor A gets praise from everyone around him. In public spaces, he's always smiling and treats everyone with care and respect. Whenever he's spotted taking care of someone on broadcast, you can find hoards of comments of praise on the internet.

A's manager B, however, criticized him after he left the company. B called him cocky and fake and haughty around staff. He cleared his glass of soju by revealing that A's image on TV is fake, and one of the things he regrets most is going around to PDs or journalists to sing his praises.

A junior C clears his glass of coffee as he sighs and laments about how articles about songs or movies or TV shows are forced to be written in positive ways. If you try to criticize anything, the higher ups will immediately come down for you. You have to include keywords like 'the trend', 'immunity shield from hate', 'grand', 'line up the charts' to please them.

The public ultimately wants a celebrity with the perfect image. A celebrity who can make you laugh when times are difficult, act as the boyfriend or girlfriend of your dreams, and be someone you can respect. The celebrity has to exist in your 7 inch smartphone or in your TV screen or on the big screen. Your favorite celebrity being 'hated' on is unacceptable. You don't care for who he 'really is'. You buy his CD without listening to it, you buy his movie tickets knowing that he can't act, you sit in front of the TV to watch his dramas to help his viewer ratings.

Agencies create these celebrities into what the public wants. That's how money is made. Whether these celebrities are inherently bad people, it doesn't matter as long as the public is fooled to liking them. They don't need to know how to act, they can get still earn popularity in other ways. If they can't sing, just create a character for them and stick them on variety shows. If they get into scandals, just wait for the public to forgive and move on. These celebrities have only one job, and it's to not betray the image the public has of them.

Of course the entire industry isn't like this, but you can't deny that a portion of it is.

A is still considered the caring man in the industry. The TV shows always edit him to seem like a man anyone can like. Journalists praise him in their article titles. The public praises him back with comments of applause. A's new manager goes around praising him to every new staff member they meet.


"Well the only hint is that he's a caring actor so how are we supposed to guess who it is from just that? I don't think the point of this blind item was to pinpoint one specific person but just telling the public that there are a lot of fake images in the industry."

"Not sure who it is..."

"I can never guess these things."

"Yeah, sounds like journalists just letting off some steam using A as an umbrella example. There's not many hints otherwise."

"There are barely any hints, how can anyone guess who A is? ㅋㅋㅋ If you actually read it, the only talk about A is that he has a caring image but is actually cocky in real life ㅋㅋㅋ"

"Something about this article sounds so genuine. I don't think it's important who A is but rather the message the article is trying to send. The public and the fans only want to see what they want to see in these celebrities."

"That part about what the public wants from their celebrities gave me goosebumps."



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