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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hani gorges on potato meat stew on '3 Kings'

Article: '3 Kings' Hani captivated by the taste of potato meat stew 'eating off the bone'

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+1,132, -139] This is the kind of forced mukbang that I hate... same goes for Yoon Bomi

2. [+1,060, -73] Trying too hard

3. [+958, -62] "I know this taste"

4. [+160, -31] Representative example of a variety shows being detrimental to celebrities

5. [+159, -35] I just hate how she has to act like she's such a good eater... we all know she restricts herself to maintain her weight ㅋ it's too obvious that she's just eating like this for show...

6. [+143, -32] I really wish they'd take her off the show. I'm sure the scriptwriters give her ways to describe the food but she still can't even express herself properly.

7. [+131, -32] I used to like her for her easy going personality and how well spoken she was on 'Radio Star' but after she cried twice, everything she does looks fake now...

8. [+113, -32] She looks like she purposely got it smudged all around her lips to make herself look carefree

9. [+105, -33] At least she didn't cry today

10. [+94, -32] I stopped watching this show after Hani cried on it saying "I know this taste". I like Hani as a singer but not as a variety star.

11. [+93, -29] I've never seen someone not match bob cuts this badly...

12. [+77, -28] People who don't watch this show won't understand why viewers are so frustrated with her. I don't hate or like her but after I started watching her as an MC on this show, I've started to despise her. I have no idea why she's an MC when she overreacts to everything, speaks informally, and eats with her nostrils flaring like an idiot;; worse than when Baek Jong Won eats while smacking his lips.

13. [+67, -33] It would've been better for her image to just act like a super gorgeous but mysterious girl...



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