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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Director Hong Sang Soo cut support for his daughter's education to help Kim Min Hee financially

Article: Hong Sang Soo director, "Halting financial help for daughter studying abroad for Kim Min Hee who has been cut from her CFs"

Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Nate

1. [+3,280, -72] He's crazy... threw his own kid away because he's so crazed for a woman

2. [+2,789, -65] Now this is just wrong... sigh

3. [+2,668, -57] Really? He's going to go as ar as to throw away his own daughter?

4. [+312, -17] What the ㅋㅋ Hasn't Kim Min Hee made enough money already? Why does she need the director's support just because she was cut from a few CFs? ㅋㅋ So he's her sponsor all along? This grandpa is so crazy for her that he's throwing his own wife and daughter away, tsk tsk. Now it makes me wonder if Kim Min Hee has even lasted this long in the industry after so many flopped movies because she's had sponsors all along.

5. [+246, -9] Kim Min Hee has to be pregnant... no way he'd go this far for her otherwise

6. [+234, -16] The worst in all of this is that man

7. [+233, -3] My father was just like him. He only started contact me when I became an adult when it was my mother who raised me as a single mother all alone while he was out having an affair and spending all his money on his new woman. There's no point in missing your children after the fact, tsk tsk. You're strangers at that point.

8. [+197, -59] It bothers me how the wife keeps saying her husband has no sin and it's all Kim Min Hee's fault...

9. [+172, -7] He threw his daughter's education on the backburner for his affair?! He has no right to direct 'art'

10. [+155, -4] How much does Kim Min Hee spend in expenses that she needs his financial support just because she lost a few CFs? And why does that money need to come out of his own daughter's education?

11. [+153, -12] See? Kim Min Hee's bad but he's even worse. He's an irresponsible man who threw both his wife and daughter away. And if he truly loves Kim Min Hee, he'd let her go no matter how much she claims to love him. He's hurting so many in the process... once he gets a bit older, he's going to be thrown away by all of his family, his woman, and society...

12. [+139, -10] I think she got a bit messed up in the head after being dumped by Lee Jung Jae

13. [+134, -2] I wonder what will happen to him when Kim Min Hee dumps him later tsk tsk



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