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Monday, June 6, 2016

DIA spends a day volunteering at the army

Article: 'DIA' visits the army

Source: Naver

1. [+5,939, -111] I bet you that nobody knows who the rest of the members are aside from Jung Chaeyeon and Ki Heehyun

2. [+3,836, -151] Kwang Soo is ruining this group

3. [+3,400, -88] Do they really think DIA will get popular just for getting Jung Chaeyeon back? If anything, it'll just increase Jung Chaeyeon's personal fans ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+3,181, -136] I do support DIA because I'm a Jung Chaeyeon fan but Kwang Soo really needs to lay off this group. His marketing style is totally from the eighties and it's so cringe. Please get a new marketing team and give Jung Chaeyeon a break.

5. [+550, -25] Look at the amount of focus they're putting on Jung Chaeyeon to get DIA popular ㅋㅋ so laughable

6. [+526, -24] So awkward seeing DIA Jung Chaeyeon after getting used to IOI Jung Chaeyeon;; I didn't care at first but now it feels weird

7. [+443, -28] The army likes any female idol that comes, not necessarily because they're DIA... even a non-celebrity woman visiting throws the entire unti into joy..

8. [+290, -18] As an IOI fan, this feels weird... why does she look so awkward with DIA...

11. [+284, -19] Kwang Soo trying so hard to save his dying girl group but it's hopeless ㅋㅋ

12. [+246, -8] This really does look awkward. She fits right in with IOI but DIA Jung Chaeyeon looks and sounds weird.. ㅠㅠ

13. [+239, -14] DIA has no hope even with Jung Chaeyeon back

14. [+135, -7] Honestly have no idea who any of them are aside from Ki Heehyun and Jung Chaeyeon

15. [+119, -6] IOI may not have won #1 but their fans put so much effort into dragging their dumb song up to #20 but even the fans now are feeling confused with this DIA stuff becoming a reality...



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