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Sunday, June 5, 2016

CL and Dara take a poolside photo

Article: "Where's Park Bom?" Sandara Park and CL, a 2NE1 selca in a while

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+370, -10] They're honestly a flop because of Park Druggie....

2. [+167, -38] No talent 1 + tryhard 1 = 2NE1 ^^

3. [+125, -20] They lost a member and they don't seem sad about it at all

4. [+21, -15] I still remember how cool 2NE1 was with 'Fire' and 'I Am the Best'... there hasn't been another girl group like them yet

5. [+19, -2] Such a fresh group when they first debuted... a girl group who wore sneakers on stage, there wasn't another like them

6. [+13, -6] If SNSD are being called has-beens, then 2NE1 is already dead. There's no point of recovery for them.

7. [+12, -3] I wonder if 2NE1 can release new songs anymore ㅠㅠ their songs have always been good but all because of them drugs ㅠ

8. [+12, -3] Two flops because of one member... ㅠ ㅠ

9. [+11, -1] Maybe Park Bom took the picture

10. [+10, -3] They used to be rivals with SNSD at one point, that's how popular they were... but then all of it ended because of one member.

11. [+10, -2] Even if the group didn't flop because of Park Druggie, they don't really have a member that can make it on their own. Yang Hyun Suk was smart into brainwashing everyone to think that being ugly means you're talented.

12. [+8, -1] Isn't it true that they flopped because of Park Bom though? Their last album was 'Come Back Home' I think and it didn't do well up against SNSD then Park Bom was on a few varieties before becoming Park Druggie



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