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Friday, June 3, 2016

5 common K-drama themes

Article: 5 things that always appear in every Korean drama through the eyes of an American journalist

Source: X Sports News via Daum

[ original article: 5 Things Guaranteed to Be in (Almost) Every Korean Drama TV Series ]

1. A focus on food
2. Conspicuously common accidents
3. Epic soundtracks
4. Trendy themes
5. A hunk of love


1. [+574, -5] A secret birth story... memory loss... a rich mother strongly opposed to her child's marriage...

2. [+542, -3] The man is rich and capable of anything, the woman is poor but super pretty

3. [+376, -6] It's easy to please Korean viewers, just thrown in chaebols, secret births, amnesia, deathly diseases, and makjang

4. [+99, -4] American dramas are movie-like in terms of plot line and quality. Japanese dramas always teach you a lesson in every episode. Korean dramas... doctors date, prosecutors date, lawyers date.

5. [+84, -2] Korean dramas are only about one thing and it
s about love and dating ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ doesn't matter what the plot or theme is, the dramas only show dating relationships about chaebol men whose parents oppose their relationships. Japanese dramas are sometimes frustrating in that they try to teach you a life lesson at the end of it but they have a wide variety of themes and the romance never feels out of place.

6. [+58, -2] There's a lot of killing in American dramas though

7. [+45, -1] Japanese drama characteristics: needlessly serious, always a life lesson at the end, various themes (green tea, restaurants, police, etc), and there's always a manga-like character

8. [+32, -3] American dramas... have a lot of murders, swears, sex, affairs, one night stands, etc...



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