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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tiffany wins first solo #1 on 'The Show'

Article: 'The Show' Tiffany wins first #1 since debut as a solo

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+1,202, -136] Congratulations to Tiffany on #1!! Woohyun did a great job too ♡

2. [+868, -111] Congratulations on #1, great job to Nam Woohyun and IOI too

3. [+743, -87] Hul daebak congratulations ㅠㅠ great job to Nam Woohyun and IOI too

4. [+664, -73] Tiffany congratulations, Nam Woohyun's song is good too and IOI's been really hot lately~ great job to all

5. [+576, -84] Woohyun oppa great job!! Congratulations to Tiffany-nim~~

6. [+172, -16] Inspirit here, grats to Tiffany and Sones ♥ Great job to Woohyun too!

7. [+148, -9] Fany-ya, congratulations ㅠㅠ I'm tearing up for you ㅠㅠ great job to Woohyun and IOI too

8. [+151, -15] Fany-ya congratulations ~♡♡


Article: 'Solo' Tiffany, "I do feel pressured by Taeyeon's records but I try not to obsess over it"

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+348, -61] Honestly Taeyeon's just too strong in terms of solo records

2. [+255, -62] Find strength positive vibes Tiffany

3. [+202, -59] She's always with Taeyeon, they must be so close together

4. [+96, -77] Taeyeon's not even your biggest issue right now... Jessica's song even without the SNSD buff is ranked above you...

5. [+74, -47] Nevermind Taeyeon, you can't even beat Jessica right now

6. [+63, -42] You really can't compare Tiffany to Taeyeon, the gap is just too wide... Tiffany can't even beat Jessica right now..

7. [+59, -51] Nevermind trying to beat Taeyeon's records when you can't even beat Jessica's

8. [+54, -38] I highly doubt SM is going to let Soshi release any more solos other than Taeyeon now

9. [+50, -49] Why not obsess over it? You didn't release this album to flop, did you?

10. [+44, -33] Please comeback with a brighter title track next time



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