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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Seolhyun made 30 billion won in CF revenue?

Article: 'Grapevine Show' "Seolhyun brought 30 billion in income with 21 ads, even stole 2 CFs from Suzy"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+1,683, -588] When Suzy shot as many CFs back then, I could feel that she really was the trend but I honestly still don't know why Seolhyun is popular at all or what she even does or why she's the trend

2. [+1,324, -449] She sold out her CF products? But I don't even know what she advertises?

3. [+885, -239] What kind of article has this many typos... And why would you say that she "stole" Suzy's CFs... that bit about the 'Sprite' CF sounds like the article's trying to put down Kang Sora and Bobby too. This article is clearly meant to hype Seolhyun up.

4. [+126, -28] I'm not hating, just genuinely curious. Suzy had 'Introduction to Architecture' and 'Dream High' but what is Seolhyun popular off of?

5. [+122, -19] This media play ㅋㅋㅋ FNC's financial statements already revealed that all of their artists made a combined 3.9 billion in revenue and yet they claim Seolhyun alone made 30 billion won? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+106, -10] Seolhyun didn't steal Suzy's CF at all. Suzy was the 'Sudden Attack' model when she was a rookie and Seolhyun was cut as their model as fast as she was hired.

7. [+98, -12] So why is she suddenly popular again????

8. [+83, -14] Too bad none of this even affects Suzy...

9. [+66, -15] When Suzy was the trend, I saw her on TV everywhere so I could feel that she was the trend... but what does Seolhyun have? All I remember is her cellphone CF;;;

10. [+63, -11] I like Seolhyun but that 30 billion won is a lie... You can just look up FNC's CF revenue and find the numbers right there. Can't believe all this media play;;; just be honest with yourselves. And why would you even say that you "stole" Suzy's CFs? Suzy hasn't modeled for 'Sudden Attack' in a while, it makes me uncomfortable that FNC keeps using Suzy as their rival. The two are individually charming in their own ways, why do media play like this and make everyone uncomfortable?


Pann: Seolhyun's TV broadcast once again puts Suzy down

1. [+319, -13] 30 billion won ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What a joke, FNC's financial statements will already show that that's a lie

2. [+278, -5] After seeing the screencaps for the show, I realized what a joke it was. 30 billion won in CF revenue? ㅋㅋㅋ How can you inflate your numbers that badly? Even Jun Ji Hyun can't make that kind of number in Korea ㅋㅋ and none of Seolhyun's contracts were renewed, they're all first time contracts... makes absolutely no sense. It's all brainwashing media play to make her seem more special than she is. We get it, she's doing well, so how about she start proving herself by showing results with actual work. Be like Hyeri and be recognized for your talent in a drama or be like Suzy and luck out in a big movie or show actual results with your CF contracts that continue onto renewals that you can maintain for several years. At least Hyeri and Suzy market themselves with a few big names under their work history. Sure Seolhyun has a great body, I admit that, but for a 'singer and actor', what has she done? Obviously this is none of her fault, it's all her agency to blame but FNC needs to learn that your media play only has impact if you have results to back it up with. ...

3. [+233, -237] Pretty sure the original media play queen used to be Suzy?
(Screencap of article titles comparing Suzy to Jun Ji Hyun as the nation's first love, innocent beauty, etc)

4. [+129, -6] Seolhyun's media play is really unbearable. It's not even your run of the mill media play calling yourself 'the second someone' but totally putting Suzy down that makes me uncomfortable

5. [+102, -8] When Suzy had 25 CFs, she made about 10 billion won in revenue... Seolhyun barely has 20 including her group's CFs and she somehow makes 30 billion won? ㅋㅋ What a joke, enough with the media play

6. [+94, -12] I actually heard that most CF companies can't afford Suzy anymore because her worth has gone so up

7. [+90, -4] Why does FNC always try to throw Suzy under the bus? ㅋㅋ

8. [+73, -8] Sure Suzy media played a lot but it wasn't as bad as Seolhyun now

9. [+53, -72] Just consider it karma for all the media play Suzy used Jun Ji Hyun for

10. [+32, -8] I don't think it's fair to accuse Suzy of media play when she followed up with actual results with her movie. Seolhyun needs to show something with her acting or singing and be recognized for something tangible



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