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Friday, May 6, 2016

[Pann] Wendy's airport fashion

Pann: Shocking female idol today

1. [+225, -61] I'm not even a fan but these comments are nasty. People always shield other idols saying all it matters is that they sing well but I feel like people are way more harsh on SM's girl groups. Isn't Wendy the group's best singer? That's all that should matter

2. [+202, -219] Does she really not manage herself..?

3. [+198, -212] She really did let herself go, she's still a celebrity

4. [+105, -11] It's shocking alright... how white her skin is;; yup

5. [+103, -3] Obviously her fans took these photos, how could anyone say anything bad about her when she's waving her hands and smiling for her fans? Whether she's gained weight or not is not any of our concerns, please just worry about yourself.

6. [+97, -7] Wendy has always worried for her fans and asked if they ate or not and hasn't gotten into any attitude controversies. She even takes care of her seniors. She's a good singer who has had her talent recognized. What more do you want from her??

7. [+91, -54] Why, she looks cute?

8. [+90, -2] Yeah, shocked over how cute she is

9. [+87, -1] Celebrities get hate for gaining a bit of weight or being too thin. Fans took these photos so obviously she's not going to look her best since the fan is super excited at seeing their favorite star right in front of them. And she looks fine... try to pose the same way in front of a mirror right now and see if you can look half as good as her.

10. [+71, -0] I like RV but Wendy seems like the type to gain weight easily... but she still loses it in time for promos so refrain from saying anything overly hateful.

11. [+71, -1] Our country's way too obsessed with looks..

12. [+65, -3] Am I the only one who scrolled down thinking she looked cute..

13. [+59, -1] We all know that Wendy's chubby, there's nothing shocking about it. She'll get prettier once she loses weight.



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