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Sunday, May 29, 2016

[Pann] Extreme plastic surgery success case

Pann: Wow, best plastic surgery success case..

1. [+213, -1] If I could make that transformation, I think I'd get surgery done too. I don't care what people say about her future baby's genes and stuff, looking like that would stress me out in the present... I think it's better to just get it done, especially considering all the stress people give you over your looks nowadays ㅜ

2. [+134, -113] She's screwed once she has kids

3. [+133, -2] What'd they do to her skin...? How'd she become so white, through photoshop...?

4. [+83, -0] With that big of a transformation, I'd do it too even if it meant people calling me a plastic monster ㅜㅜ my jaw is my complex too so I can't imagine how much stress she was under before...

5. [+71, -0] Plastic work of this level takes a lot of suffering. I heard getting your jaw done is indescribable pain ㅠ It'd be great if we lived in a world where plastic surgery wasn't necessary but I'm happy that her work came out nicely and she can escape the ridicule of a looks-focused society ㅠㅠ (I want work done tooㅎ)

6. [+66, -2] The photoshop seems excessive in both pictures;; she was on 'Let Me Beauty' and her story was that she used to be an award winning inline skater when she was younger but quit for some reason before her mother was determined disabled. She was too poor to get her teeth fixed and left it which made it worse. She could barely eat ramen or chew her food and got a lot of digestion issues. She worked 2-3 jobs day and night to make money for her mother's surgeries and felt guilty about wanting surgery for her own teeth before her mother's. She seemed like a super nice and warm person. I heard she's studying to become a stewardess now and I wish her luck!!

7. [+53, -6] Hul she looks a bit like Yura

8. [+49, -2] Hul she got everything done except her forehead... a bit scary though but she doesn't look like your typical Gangnam girl, it all came out looking pretty

9. [+40, -2] People can hate calling her plastic but I don't think it would look that obvious in real life aside from her eyes and nose ㅋㅋ she'll be hailed as a goddess in real life. As much as people like to hate on plastic beauties, reality is that they get it a lot easier in life than anyone who looks average or ugly.

10. [+32, -1] Won't she still pass her jaw down to her future kids?



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