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Sunday, May 8, 2016

On the Charts: Top 5 May artists

Article: 'Results for May charts'... 5 singers who dominated the charts

Source: TV Report via Naver

Twice, Seventeen, BTS, Akdong Musician, Crush

1. [+797, -66] If we're talking about chart domination, I'd say it's actually Akdong Musician, Jung Eunji, Crush, Twice, and Eddy Kim...

2. [+648, -66] Were you paid for this article? Where's Jung Eunji? She's doing really well on the charts... and Twice is eating up the digital charts right now, that's fact~

3. [+571, -58] Overall on the charts, Jung Eunji is ranked higher than BTS and Seventeen so why is she missing?

4. [+100, -0] Top 3 on the charts right now are Twice, AkMu, and Jung Eunji

5. [+86, -13] Twice is the trending girl group right now, then Jung Eunji, then Akdong Musician, Crush, and Eddy Kim. Isn't this the right list?

6. [+59, -4] Why report false information? The charts right now are Twice, AkMu, Crush, and Jung Eunji.

7. [+69, -8] According to the charts it's #1 Twice, #2 AkMu, #3 Jung Eunji, #4 Crush, and #5 Eddy Kim. BTS and Seventeen have low digital ranks but are winning music shows from album sales and YouTube views.

8. [+94, -17] Jung Eunji and Eddy Kim are missing when they're on the charts too..



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