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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hyuna raises awareness about the horrors of puppy mills

Article: Hyuna sheds tears for precious life

Source: Herald Pop via Naver

1. [+4,643, -51] I felt so frustrated and angry the entire time watching... humans are the devil

2. [+4,550, -51] We need to boycott baby animals at pet stores!!! Don't buy pet snacks or anything from these stores, they know what they are supporting when they bring in babies from these puppy mills!

3. [+4,212, -30] The episode shocked me so much...... it's true that the most evil in the world are humans

4. [+2,617, -31] I was at a loss for words... the entire time watching...

5. [+951, -5] I was so shocked with how they took the sperm by a syringe and forcibly inserted it into the female dog, how are these people human at all?

6. [+875, -7] We are all to blame for only wanting small, pretty puppies

7. [+795, -4] We need to make the consequences stronger


Source: Nate

1. [+470, -8] What they showed in the episode is just the tip of the iceberg... like Hyuna said, there's a demand so obviously there will be a supply. It'd be nice if animal protection laws were made stronger but it's going to take time. For now, we need to adopt animals instead of buying them from pet shops.

2. [+421, -11] The way that ajumma called a forced pregnancy an artificial insemination... I was at a loss for words. So embarrassed to be considered the same human as her, so sorry to all of the animals trapped in those cages. Money, money, money... how many precious lives are being lost for the greed of humans? I don't know why laws aren't stronger about this... Is there really no other solution than not buying puppies from pet shops? The only breath of relief these animals get are for the duration of their pregnancies... I'm so sorry that we can't do more to help you.

3. [+407, -5] The show's last words, that we are all accomplices for only wanting small and cute puppies, hits the heart...


Article: Hyuna sheds tears over violent forced pregnancy of dog

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+158, -2] That ajumma can rip open a dog, take out her puppies, and do whatever she wants to its insides without a license and all and still not be punished by law. The only thing she was investigated for was for the possession of anesthesia. I felt like I was watching the devil when I saw her act all mighty by saying she was performing artificial insemination.

2. [+149, -2] That ajumma so shamelessly called this artificial insemination... and when police came to investigate her for anesthesia possession, she was shouting that everyone else does it like this too.. how are you human?

3. [+144, -1] How can this b*tch call herself human? I hope that she experiences even bigger pain in her next life



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