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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Reason for Hani's tears on 'Star King' revealed

Article: 'Star King' Hani breaks into tears while showing couple yoga poses

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+1,620, -33] Maybe she has depression? I like Hani but she cries so much...;

2. [+1,429, -45] I understand that she's a highly emotional person but I think to be on TV, you have to be able to control that really well. It's off putting to see her cry so much.

3. [+170, -121] She looked like she was ready to cry even before starting the yoga movies. And as soon as the yoga moves were finished, she spoke informally again saying "I did this" and cried right away. It makes me so uncomfortable how she goes through phases with her image. At first it was the outgoing, tomboyish image where she tried to be so different from other girls by picking her nose, sitting with her legs spread open, having rollers in her hair. Then she started media playing about her wealthy family... and now she keeps crying over everything as if she's overcome huge obstacles. What is she doing?

4. [+145, -123] Please quit if it's that hard for you. Have you even experienced anything that was genuinely hard? You cry over all these things when people have gone through much harder?

5. [+120, -96] Sick and tired of her


Article: "She cried again?" Hani... on the verge of dropping to unlikable

Source: Korea Econ via Nate

1. [+1,390, -47] I don't have a problem with her crying but the context of why she cires doesn't make sense... None of these situations are appropriate for her to cry about and she could definitely hold her tears in but I feel like she purposely tries to cry harder. As a viewer, you're supposed to be able to relate to why she feels the need to cry but it just feels forced and fake..

2. [+1,154, -65] What a mess

3. [+396, -10] She grew up in Gangnam all her life but she cried over the nostalgia of eating croquettes in her childhood... I don't know if she really has a story to that but as a viewer, it's really hard for me to understand why she cried.

4. [+116, -2] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ When she cries, she cries like "look at me, I'm crying, please keep the camera on me while I don't wipe my tears away"... seriously, why doesn't she wipe her tears? Why doesn't she even try to hide her tears? She just cries in front of the cameras like it's her concept.

5. [+115, -2] A TV show is pretty much a work environment for the celebrities. Imagine if your co-worker kept crying at the office, would everyone accept it every time? No... once or twice is fine but no one wants to turn on the TV to watch someone cry.

6. [+112, -1] If there's something psychologically wrong with her then I don't know but if this is just a concept, she needs to stop it. She grew up in a wealthy family under professor parents and it's ridiculous for her to cry over "difficult times" when she still lives a wealthy life. People who have had it harder than her don't cry as much as she does.

7. [+102, -1] I remember she said on an old TV show that her personal talent was being able to cry in 10 seconds flat ㅠ reminds me of that every time she cries so it feels weird

8. [+92, -2] Her image has been cut a lot lately. Her agency needs to manage her better. I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted to retire soon. They should instead focus on putting Solji on variety shows, she's good at it.

9. [+91, -3] She's already walking down the path of being disliked by everyone;;;

10. [+87, -2] I already get stressed from work, I don't need to come home to watch TV and get more stressed from watching her cry. Who gave her this concept, it's gross;


Article: 'Star King' Hani cries after therapeutic yoga, "My body's not in great condition lately"

Source: TV Daily via Daum

1. [+2,897, -294] Then take a break... why is she complaining all over TV shows that she has it hard

2. [+2,516, -166] She seems to cry every day...

3. [+2,170, -334] Is crying her concept? Stop acting... it's so obvious it's fake

4. [+1,217, -50] She needs mental help. She seems to either have anxiety, OCD, or depression. She cries over everything... she needs some stability.

5. [+867, -28] What is her agency doing? They're clearly overworking her if she's saying it's hard. Let her rest and get some help.

6. [+849, -57] Is her relationship not going the way she wants? Why does she keep crying? She looks so tired... come back to the old Hani~

7. [+704, -69] I really hate it when people cry on variety shows... go shoot a documentary if you're going to do that.

8. [+261, -22] Just stay home~


Article: Hani tears up on 'Star King' too, is she going through hard times?

Source: Herald Pop via Naver

1. [+1,752, -98] If this is just a concept, she needs to drop it. If she's depressed, she desperately needs help...

2. [+1,217, -56] Please go get consulting at the hospital~~ before you get really sick~~

3. [+1,295, -143] It wouldn't be so bad if people could relate to her or understand why she was crying... but it's really off putting how much she's been crying on TV lately. Please be considerate of the viewers.

4. [+983, -115] She's sick at this point

5. [+868, -113] In moderation, please...

6. [+392, -35] There are a lot of people who are going through tough times. From people looking for employment to the elderly living alone who live off of finding trash on the streets to single mothers to the disabled... Hani-ssi is in a new relationship with dreams that are achieved. No one is forcing you to be a celebrity if you don't want to. Please be considerate of the struggles of others. You don't have to do this if you don't want to.

7. [+351, -34] So what does she want us to do about her feeling sad over her no name days, of being tired from being so busy? What are we to do with those tears? There are more people living harder lives day to day so please stop crying.

8. [+349, -35] Just take a break, Hani-ya... stop depressing the entire country ㅋ Why is she being like this since her relationship... Crying on the job is a really bad habit ㅋㅋ people turn on the TV to laugh, not watch you cry...



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