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Monday, April 4, 2016

[Pann] Kai's relationship with Suho

"Kai's a 94er and EXO's leader Suho is a '91er.. which makes Suho three years older."

"Kai mocking Suho's greeting"

"Kai pushing Suho's chest away"

"Kai pushing Suho's hand away"

"Kai kicking Suho away"

"Kai shrugging Suho's arm off"

"Kai shrugging Suho off again"

"Ignoring Suho's mic and purposely taking another member's mic"

1. [+280, -21] You can tell that he's acting like a little btch. But I bet he  let Krystal put her arms around him and smiled for her. ++ On a V app on January 16th, Sehun noticed that Suho was reading the hateful comments on their stream and he told him not to pay him any mind.. meanwhile Kai was ignoring them because he was too busy planning his ski trip with Krystal.. ㅋㅋ both are '94ers but such differences in attitude.

2. [+277, -18] Not an EXO-L but this is my first time finding out about him being like this... he's so mean to him, I feel bad for Suho.

3. [+265, -83] Chanyeol put down Suho over his popularity too, what's up with this group? Is putting down the leader their specialty or something?

4. [+138, -52] Can't talk about putting down the leader without mentioning Chanyeol. He started it by embarrassing Suho in front of his fans saying "what's going to happen to Suho hyung when the numbers for individual album sales get released"

5. [+91, -3] The gif of him kicking him, it doesn't matter if it's being playful or not, that's so disrespectful. You don't do that to someone three years older than you.

6. [+83, -4] I feel embarrassed for Suho in the gifs where Kai hits his hand away... Taemin probably looked at him shocked too like "how can you treat your leader like that...?" Suho's such a nice person too, why does he get treated like this?

7. [+76, -3] Must be hard on Suho to have to deal with these kids crawling all over him all the time

8. [+40, -1] Chanyeol or Kai, both the same birds of a feather tsk tsk

9. [+31, -2] Makes me lose all respect for him

10. [+28, -0] Well here's a gif of Suho grabbing Kai by the neck but Kai just laughs and hugs him back. Their relationship is not for us to judge, there's obviously grounds for acceptable playfulness between them that we aren't aware of.

11. [+26, -6] You guys are being scary, you very well know that Kai doesn't look down on Suho. It's not like they've only known each other for days, they've gone through years of training together and depended on each other through all that. You're just using his dating scandal as an opportunity to take him down and that's disgusting. These words will forever pain him.

12. [+16, -10] Kai may look like he doesn't care but here's a gif of him dusting Suho hyung off



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