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Saturday, April 30, 2016

[Pann] A rookie girl group member debuted after full body surgery?

Pann: Rookie girl group member got a full body surgery..?

On 'Brave Journalists 2', one journalist revealed:

"Celebrity A achieved her dream by basically being the real version of '200 Pound Beauty'. As a member of a rookie girl group, she is known for her perfect body + looks + vocal talent, but it took her many struggles to get to her debut. She used to be fat + ugly but her dream since she was little was always to be a celebrity. Unfortunately, her looks got her nowhere with auditions and she eventually turned to night entertainment clubs in order to increase her chances of meeting with people who work in the industry.

The clubs didn't want to accept her at first because of her looks but she was desperate and begged until she received an opportunity. Although she wasn't popular with clients at first, her talent eventually drew clients in, one of them being a singer and producer named 'B'. She begged him that she wanted to be a singer but he advised her that she get work done on her face first. She then saved as much as she could to afford a full body surgery for everything from her face to enlarging her chest to liposuction to even abs.

Her surgery was a success and she became the real life version of the movie '200 Pound Beauty'. A then went back to find B who didn't even recognize her."


1. [+110, -10] But if you think about it, S*l** doesn't have any past photos. She doesn't even have one picture from her school days or any accounts written by her friends and classmates.. I remember a lot of people joked that she was from North Korea because she has no past ㅋㅋ reading this gives me goosebumps

2. [+80, -11] Well anyone can make up a past for her like saying she was preparing to be a stewardess and all but there's no evidence of any of it. What's important is that she never clarifies any of the rumors. Even when there were rumors of her being a North Korean escapee, not that people were being serious about it but she clarified it with a baby picture which doesn't really explain anything. There really must be something going on, like plastic surgery..

3. [+76, -32] Why would journalists even talk about this on TV? And at the end they're like, "We wish them the best ^^" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I hate journalists, so pathetic

4. [+63, -1] It is weird because Kim Yongsun isn't even a common name but she doesn't have any classmates or friends step up to clarify for her... unless she changed her name too?

5. [+50, -2] And this is how S*l** gets exiled from the industry just for having no past

6. [+48, -2] If it really is S*l**, that's really shocking

7. [+47, -0] But how can no one seriously find any past photos of her or even a post written by a classmate... I'm sure her fans would love her even if she released her past photos and it ends up being true that she got plastic surgery ㅜㅜ I wish someone would clarify all of this

8. [+45, -1] What're you guys going to do if it doesn't end up being S*l**? She'll be so hurt but it'll be easy for all of you to be like "Oh it wasn't her? Nevermind then"

9. [+37, -3] There is one idol famous for not having any past photos... is it her?

10. [+33, -3] How can she have such variety in facial expressions if she got that much work done? She even mushes her face with her hands on stage. You can't do that stuff if you have a lot of work done on your face.

11. [+31, -2] All idols end up getting their past photos unveiled (every rookie has at least three) so it really is weird that she doesn't have even one other than just a baby picture..

12. [+29, -7] Sounds like S*l**



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