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Sunday, April 10, 2016

NCT's Taeyong reveals he nags his members because he doesn't want them to make the same mistakes

Article: 'V app' NCT Taeyong, "I made a mistake by doing something wrong... I hope it's something the members don't go through"

Source: X Sports News via Naver

On the reason why he nags his members so much, "I made a lot of mistakes by doing some wrong things. I don't want my dongsaengs or members to make the same mistake as me. I want to tell them everything that I know. I (nag) because I don't want them to end up like me."

1. [+2,782, -98] Are you talking about your scam????????

2. [+2,670, -126] I wonder how much the members laugh on the inside when they get nagged on by a scammer like you ㅋ

3. [+2,326, -159] His apology is a scam, don't fall for it

4. [+2,140, -130] I bet his dumb fans will shield him soon saying he apologized

5. [+1,731, -107] Too late for that now.........

6. [+499, -19] Nevermind your scam, I find it more disgusting how you put down someone's parents and then called your own female classmate the size of three people and laughed about it. I found him handsome before but after finding that out, he looks disgusting to me.

7. [+501, -24] He's slowly starting to apologize to try and clean up his image... but if he was always a good person, he never would've caused those scandals in the first place.

8. [+406, -20] I wonder how soon until we start to see comments like "everyone makes mistakes when they're young, he's reflected now so let's support him". He's the guy who also looked at a classmate's photo and said she was big enough to count for three people.

9. [+360, -18] How can he mention a crime so shamelessly like that? Does he think all can be forgiven just because it's something he did when he was young and immature?

10. [+355, -16] If you care about your members so much, then leave the team. They're getting all this hate because of just you.

11. [+314, -19] Those aren't called mistakes, it's an issue with who you are as a person

12. [+302, -17] So not only is he a scammer but he nags a lot and has a sensitive personality. How tiresome for the other members to deal with.



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