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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Jang Dong Min under controversy for comedy skit making fun of children of divorced families

Article: Gagman Jang Dong Min at it again... makes a joke out of children from divorced families on Comedy Big League

Source: Oh My News via Daum

1. [+5,402, -153] Seems like he doesn't know how to do comedy without putting or hating a certain group down

2. [+5,074, -151] This ba$tard... we should've made sure he never got a chance to get back on TV again.. I can't imagine how much more people he's going to hurt in the future with his gags by being allowed out like this

3. [+2,204, -56] There's nothing you can do about who you inherently are on the inside

4. [+1,579, -43] Seems he still doesn't get it even after all the hate he got for his misogynistic comments

5. [+995, -17] Making a joke out of the weaker groups of society is not what freedom of expression is about


Article: 'Comedy Big League' reps apologize for making a joke out of divorced family children, "We are considering taking the skit corner down"

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+1,531, -38] Jang Dong Min isn't the only one who should apologize but everyone who came up with the skit too, as well as the producers who approved it. This was basically an attack..

2. [+1,173, -51] To think they thought this was appropriate gag material... pathetic.

3. [+1,086, -38] I get that they were trying to write a satire on how prevalent divorce has become in our society but their problem was that they made the target of that satire children. It's not funny to the viewers to watch a child become the butt of divorce jokes, it actually makes us enraged. There were obviously other ways they could've approached the subject but at a time when we're being bombarded with news of child abuse deaths every single day, did they have to abuse another child character like that?

4. [+88, -8] Even if he had made it on to 'Infinity Challenge', he would've been kicked for one scandal or another eventually

5. [+68, -1] Do not attack the wounds of others.


Source: Naver

1. [+784, -97] He claims to have had no malicious intent... but it seems he had no brains behind the thought either..

2. [+916, -142] He just doesn't get it. As per the wise words of another, "Dong Min-ssi, there are basic manners that must be kept even in words meant to incite laughter."

3. [+745, -92] It is up to the gagmen and the producers for the viewers to understand a gag as a gag and laugh. If they fail to do so and the viewers feel upset and uncomfortable, that is entirely on them.

4. [+639, -92] If anyone feels hurt by a gag, it is no longer a gag but assault. When are we ever going to get a gag show that allows us to laugh freely..

5. [+460, -66] This guy is so hopeless;;;;;;;;;;



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