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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Big Bang and CL don't make it into the 'TIME 100'

Article: Big Bang and CL don't get chosen for the final 'TIME 100'

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+1,882, -86] Nevermind Big Bang, CL should worry about her debut first...

2. [+2,208, -224] Wouldn't it have been weird if they did get chosen...

3. [+1,454, -115] Just being nominated was big enough... they got the type of exposure that money can't buy

4. [+824, -156] Just being nominated was amazing in itself, nothing to be upset over. Proud of Big Bang.

5. [+189, -20] I get Big Bang but... CL? I live in America and no one knows who she is..

6. [+170, -27] Amazing of Rain and Kim Yuna

7. [+107, -10] Why was CL even considered for this...?

8. [+75, -7] So when is CL's debut again... I still feel like 'Hello Bi+ches' was YG testing the waters and now they're hesitant because no one cared for it

9. [+50, -4] CL isn't even popular in Korea, what 'worldwide influence' does she have..

10. [+32, -5] The only Koreans in the 100 were Rain and Kim Yuna. Rain was even chosen twice for it and won #1 in votes.

11. [+26, -3] Still don't know what CL has achieved to deserve being named

12. [+74, -21] I get why Big Bang was named but CL...? Seemed like she was a nugu over there up to last year; but a lot of people know who Big Bang is



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