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Sunday, March 13, 2016

TV: 'Youth Over Flowers' criticized for bad hotel manners abroad

Article: [Exclusive] 'Youth Over Flowers' under controversy for lack of manners... going to hotel breakfast in shower gowns and swimming naked

Source: Seoul News via Daum

The cast woke up in the morning and didn't change out of their shower gowns before heading to breakfast before being told by a hotel staff to go back and change. Then while swimming at the hotel's pool, Go Kyung Pyo suggested that they hold up their boxers in the air as a dare and all of them pulled them off underwater and teased Ryu Jun Yeol by throwing his boxers around.

1. [+681, -53] This episode honestly had a lot of thoughtless actions committed by the cast ㅜㅜ

2. [+605, -36] I remember thinking that they had no basic etiquette when I saw them head to breakfast in shower gowns, and here's the article talking about it

3. [+545, -32] Yeah, this bothered me too...

4. [+214, -13] The shower gown part was bad but at the pool, there was a person from another country and a child in the next pool over. I was so surprised and even cringed at the cast for fooling around in the way that they did. Someone should've told them that acting that way is inappropriate.

5. [+156, -11] I thought it was gross when I read articles talking about how they took their panties off in the pool, tsk

6. [+131, -8] If there was no one at the pool, I can understand fooling around with your underwear like that but shouldn't they have showered too? They dove in wearing their clothes drenched in sweat and dust..

7. [+146, -41] That Kyung Pyo... he doesn't seem to have any basic manners...

8. [+106, -8] I went huk when I saw them acting like that at the pool

9. [+110, -16] They're the youngest cast that has been on this show and I get that they're trying to be funny for the viewers but some lines were crossed. Wearing shower gowns to breakfast, not even wearing swimsuits to the pool but actually taking off their own underwear in it.. and Go Kyung Pyo was walking around in what looked like a tank top for women. I bet the foreigners thought  Korean celebrities are gay.

10. [+81, -4] Wherever they are in the world, they need to realize that they're representing our country and act accordingly


Source: Naver

1. [+94, -9] They're young and have little experience vacationing abroad, the producers should've taught them better.

2. [+84, -10] I think it's the producer's fault. They're all young and are obviously in front of the cameras so they don't seem to understand what's appropriate and inappropriate without being given direction ㅜㅜ the producer was clearly too engrossed in the viewer ratings to teach them any better and just put it all on broadcast

3. [+59, -10] Being young and with friends, I understand doing dares and pranks like getting naked but that's the kind of stuff you do on an island by yourself, not in a public swimming pool. The second problem was that none of the producers ever thought that a scene like this would make viewers uncomfortable!! It's like they intentionally wanted to sabotage their images when they have such bright futures ahead of them. Image is everything to these actors, you need to edit stuff out if you gave them directions to do whatever they wanted. Wake up, producers!!

4. [+31, -2] Be careful next time

5. [+58, -12] Should've edited it out, aigoo...



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