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Monday, March 7, 2016

Seoul city develops women's safety app

Article: Women scared of walking in the night... City of Seoul will help

Source: Money Today via Naver

Seoul city announced on the 7th that they will be developing a one stop app for women's safety. When a woman feels threatened, she can open the app and have her location be immediately sent to a nearby police station which police will then use to locate the nearest CCTV to determine the situation. There is also a recording option on the app that records both audio and video for police to get a better view of the situation. Of course there is also an option to press a button for immediate help which will send police to the location provided by the phone.

Seoul will also be expanding its women's only/safety mailboxes from 120 to 150 as well as increase safety boxes and stores participating in women's safety (for women to run into and call for immediate help should they feel threatened) from 673 to 1,000.

1. [+956, -47] I'm sure the app will help but... I wish the criminals wearing anklets will be tracked better too. Please share their tracking database with the rest of us.

2. [+757, -58] I hope this kind of stuff expands to other cities too and not just Seoul

3. [+641, -67] I wish we could just take sex criminals and throw them all on an island, they don't deserve any rights or whatever, they're just a waste of taxes

4. [+140, -10] Or we could make sex criminals get 'SEX CRIMINAL' tattooed on their faces

5. [+129, -9] Heavier sentences for crimes would help too, at least 20 years at a time so there's an actual threat of getting caught. 1 or 2 years doesn't help but.. it's just the victim who has to live with it for the rest of their life.

6. [+126, -19] It's a good app but I'm already scared of the ilbe losers whining about why men don't get their own app too...

7. [+178, -37] I'm a man myself and I have no problem with this app... isn't it for the better? I feel like the only men who are complaining about this are the ones who want to commit crimes but have it harder now. This isn't an issue about gender, it's about the victims... and it's upsetting that the majority of the victims end up being women. Would men still be complaining if the majority of victims were men?? Some people are too stupid.

8. [+77, -6] I think we need more CCTV too to combat crime~ don't be against it just because it's an invasion of privacy..



  1. 4. [+140, -10] Or we could make sex criminals get 'SEX CRIMINAL' tattooed on their faces

    This is the fairest one on my opinion

  2. All the old cmts were gone

    1. i dont like the change

  3. Looks like a good app, we need that everywhere

  4. What about disqus? Wtf is going on?