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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Park Bogum revealed to have filed for bankruptcy in the past, all issues have been resolved

Article: Park Bogum reps, "Declaration of bankruptcy? It has already been resolved... no longer an issue" [official statement]

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+554, -35] He's so young, how could he already co-sign for debt and even file for bankruptcy?

2. [+409, -20] PSA Please never co-sign loans for anyone

3. [+390, -44] Shocking... didn't know he filed for bankruptcy before

4. [+89, -9] It is kind of weird.. I heard his family's involved with some weird religion, and now to hear that he had debt and filed for bankruptcy? Makes me question that religion..

5. [+76, -5] After seeing his personality on 'Youth Over Flowers', he's the type of person to co-sign all your loans and even sell his house for you if you needed it

6. [+53, -2] Park Bogum's father borrowed 300 million won to start a business in 2008 but wasn't able to pay it back. Park Bogum was the co-signer even though he was only 16 because he was still working as a celebrity at the time. The burden of the debt then went to him but he was only in supporting roles and didn't have the money to pay it back despite the debt growing with interest every year until he had to file for bankruptcy once it hit 800 million won.

7. [+40, -5] Is this another case of parents being a mess..


Source: Nate

1. [+210, -7] No wonder he cried when Ryu Jun Yeol talked about paying back debt... it must've been so hard for him

2. [+198, -7] His character was similar to this story in 'China Town'... it must've been so hard on him as a kid

3. [+144, -7] Looks like he struggled growing up... but I'm glad that he matured as well as he did today!!

4. [+16, -7] Aigoo, how hard it must've been for him.. wishing you the best

5. [+7, -1] Something about his eyes are so pure looking that he looks like the type who couldn't lie


Source: Naver

1. [+2,708, -93] Please don't dig into family issues!!!

2. [+2,302, -82] He's an actor but we have no business to know about his private family matters

3. [+2,152, -67] Not sure why this is in the media now when it's been resolved and done with

4. [+2,045, -59] Oh come on, he's a hard working young man, why bring back his past like this;;; ㅠㅠ

5. [+516, -23] Despite his struggles, he remains a positive person and I'm grateful for that. What a proud young man he's grown up to be..


Source: Naver

1. [+3,548, -187] Digging into someone's family matters is the worst thing you can do

2. [+3,095, -201] I had a bias about him after hearing that he grew up in Mokdong so I assumed he grew up in a wealthy family and that's why he was such a positive person... I was wrong ㅠㅠ He worked hard to make his own fortune... I'll support you lots

3. [+731, -37] I always thought it was weird how he took the subway and lived humbly despite hearing rumors about him growing up in Mokdong but now it all makesw sense... I'm proud that he grew up so properly in a situation as difficult as his. I hope he becomes an even better actor... Now I understand why he was crying when he talked about debt and family pictures on 'Youth Over Flowers'



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