[Pann] Rumors of an exclusive media report on a same sex idol couple

Pann: Who is this? I'm so nervous

"Impending news of an idol coming out of the closet? 
One news media outlet has an exclusive report on evidence they've collected of a same sex couple within an idol group. It has been customary for reports on celebrities coming out of the closet to be banned from being reported but after  waiting on the piece of news for months, the outlet has decided to break that custom. 
The same sex couple that they will be revealing are two members in the same group and are trending idols that are expected to cause a ripple in the industry. The outlet is currently preparing for the inevitable lawsuit that will result from the report."

1. [+144, -8] But who do they think they are to just report something like this? It's a private life; celebrities are human beings too

2. [+132, -5] This feels wrong... it's a line the media shouldn't be crossing

3. [+118, -4] I don't care whether they're gay or not but I'm scared in case they get hate. There are so many homophobes.

4. [+58, -5] I know this is really selfish but I hope it's just not my bias.. I don't care about the gay part but I'm scared of the hate that they'll receive as a result of it ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+49, -2] When I read this, all I could think of what right do they think they have to reveal that?

6. [+47, -1] If they know they'll be sued, why release it at all.. it's so stupid. Being forced to come out is such a sad and upsetting thing, imagine how scared they must be.

7. [+39, -0] Unless they come out of the closet themselves, forcing them to come out like this is basically taking full control of their lives. This is not Hollywood.. this is an idol industry completely reliant on fans. This will ruin their careers and what if they aren't even ready to tell their parents yet?

8. [+33, -0] A more accurate description of this would be 'forced coming out'.. now I know why journalists are called trash.

9. [+33, -0] Nowhere in the post does it say that it's male idols.. why does everyone assume they're male.

10. [+26, -1] I will be fine if my bias came out of the closet. There's nothing wrong with it... I'm just scared of how others will treat them ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ sigh, please just don't reveal it

11. [+25, -0] I am super curious though...

12. [+22, -1] It could be a female group, there are a few trending groups that come up at the top of my mind

13. [+20, -0] I don't care about my bias being gay, I'm worried about the hate

14. [+17, -1] I remember another post on Pann talking about it. It wasn't a super popular group but a popular group with 5-7 members... I wonder which group it is?

15. [+15, -1] Don't care if it's my bias